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About us

Tactical Sailing Team

Paul Gerbecks

A long time regatta sailor, member of German championships and European championships in Korsar, crossed the Atlantic in a 67 ft yacht. Cruses off of the Baleric Islands and the Cote d´Azur, Helmsman of an H-Boat at regattas and member of the Seeshaupt Yacht Club at Lake Starnberger, near Munich. “Sailing is my passion. Sailing for me is equally an athletic challenge and a relaxing recreational activity. Each time I participate in a regatta I gain experience, especially in regard to tactics. I have combined my expertise in computer sience and my sailing experience to develop Tactical Sailing- this is my ideal combination of work and play!"

Christian Hüsch

Master of Computer Science, successful software engineer and technical consultant for the Tactical Sailing project. “My hobby is not sailing, but I often steer my motorcycle to the south and ride past many big and small lakes and seas- with big and small sailboats.”


Sukato- agency for design and communication

Design, graphics and layout of the website and program:




Idiomas! Bienvenido al programa de servicio de Tactical Sailing!

En el futuro, "Tactical Sailing" se complementará con un programa de servicio especial "Idiomas"....