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Copyright and Tradmarks

Tactical Sailing - Ein Spiel gegen den Wind (TacGame),
Spass beim Segeln - Spiel gegen den Wind (TacFun),

Tactical Sailing - A Game Against the Wind (TacGame),
The Fun of Sailing - A Game Against the Wind (TacFun),
Listen and Watch - Tactical Winning Tips on Video-Clips (TacClips),
Tactical Racing (TSR), Tactical Training (TST)

are the Copyrights or Trademarks Paul Gerbecks.

Other Copyrights and Trademarks

Autenrieth-Sailing: Philipp & Julian Autenrieth:
FriedBits: Fried Elliott:
Friedl Buhl:
SPEED&smarts: David Dellenbaugh:
Sukato- agency for design and communication:
edit House- Film- und Fernsehproduktions GmbH:
Leonhard Mader Company, Waging-Germany:

Photo Credits: Fried Elliott und Philipp & Julian Autenrieth

Fried Elliott

Tactical Sailing is proud to have permission to use Fried Elliott’s photos. Pictures taken at 49er Worldcup 2010, Bahamas. Photos taken from a helicopter are used for our homepage and subpage design. For more photos from FRIED ELLIOTT see 49er Wordlcup 2010, Bahamas.

Philipp & Julian Autenrieth

Tactial Sailing thanks the Autenrieth family for their support. With the permission from Phillip and Julian Autenrieth, we show pictures from their world championship in Opti, their German championships in 420er, and 470er, as well as training events. You can find additional photos at:

Photo Credits in the News Section

The photos here come from press statements and are all marked with the appropriate copyright mark. The sailing clubs and organizations whose photos we have used with copyright mark are:
Yacht-Club Seeshaupt Starnberger See (YCSS) (
Bayrischer Yacht Cub (BYC) Starnberger See (
Augsburger Segel-Club Ammersee, Utting (ASC) (

Private Photos

Additional photographs are the private property of Tom L., Gerriet J., Paul G., and Christopher N.