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A Game Against the Wind - Boat Against Boat

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..... Mac, Windows und Linux

Steering a boat for the first time? "Tactical Sailing" shows you how you "tack" perfectly against the wind in order to get ahead. With "Game Against the Wind," you can gain your first sailing experience, play and train. Aside from the wind, you'll have another computerized sparring partner as an opponent, who'll constantly push you to the next level. If you already have some sailing experience, you can test your tactical capabilities in "Boat Against Boat", where you will face off against another skipper. You can succeed in Match Race, Fleet Race and on Olympic courses with the boat of your choice.

Demo for free

With a demo, you can test how the program works on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) for free. Of course, as it is a demo version, the range of functions is limited and only two boats are available for use. In a game scenario with medium difficulty you can put your ability to the test - we're certain that you won't be able to defeat your fictional sparring partner on the first go. He will win! You can see the best times rankings

Download demo for free:
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A few things to note

The game has been developed in JAVA. You may be prompted to answer security checks, in which case answer to "allow" downloading Tactical Sailing (TS). This is normal and will not harm your computer. If you have trouble starting the game, have a look at the FAQ section on the Tactical Sailing website.

System requirements

Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, 10 or higher; Linux;  Mac OS X beginning 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher.

Un-Install the Demo-Version

The demo version is just a "technical test", it has only a small number of scenes, functions and options. The demo version will only show you: the program is running on your computer. You can easily remove the demo program after the test. See an instrution here.
Order here the full version with all scenes, functions and options!



Hi Daniel, congratulation! You broke the record by 00:00.2 seconds!

Unbelievable, to shorten "Best Time“ sailed by two fractions of seconds on „Wind 3x3“. It looks...