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Tactical Sailing Tips

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3 tips, 3 minute video

In this demo, three of David Dellenbaugh's, the American sailing guru, most important tactical tips are acoustically presented from start to finish. Among other things, its focus is on advantages by sailing the long leg first and tactical maneuvers windward and leeward. With "Tactical Sailing," you receive many strategic tips for regatta success. With the tip video clips, you can test how the tip play for free. Of course, as it is a demo version, the range of functions are limited and you can only read three of the more than 40 tips. See the video on You Tube and start it in streaming mode (.m4v file, 60 MB download) click here .
These three tips are an example out of 40 tips. Play it all interactively "A Game Against the Wind - Boat Against Boat" and all "Tactical Sailing Tips". See all features and order here.

Excercises for sailors - Sailing Tips on the go!

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Sailing on the go! Available now on every iPad and Tablet-PC, this app makes it possible to enter the world of sailing at a low price. Whether a rookie or professional sailor, everyone interested in the sport of sailing can find a selection of the most important tips needed to steer your boat the "Right of Way," to take the wind from the best side and to make use of tactical maneuvers while racing against other opponents.

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In the full version, of course, are both game types: "Game Against the Wind" and "Boat Against Boat" and all Tips and Coach's Toolbox (optional) included. You're welcome to first try a free demo and see how everything is running on your computer.

Demo for free

With a demo, you can test how the program works on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) for free. Of course, as it is a demo version, the range of functions is limited and only two boats are available for use. In a game scenario with medium difficulty you can put your ability to the test - we're certain that you won't be able to defeat your fictional sparring partner on the first go. He will win! You can see the best times rankings



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