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World Championships Laser

ARG Laser ILCA Regatta - Copa Patricio Homps 2023 - Club Náutico Olivos (CNO)

We are very happy that Pablo Villar offers the opportunity to promote Tactical Sailing in Argentina (ARG) again, this time for the Laser Regatta 2023 in his "Club Náutico Olivos (CNO)". Andy Villar, himself a laser sailor ARG 213897 is part of the organising team. We are sending a voucher for all sailors on the flyer for the ILCA - Copa "Patricio Homps" 2023.
The participants of the Laser Regatta in Argentina will be provided with a training tool by "Tactical Sailing" - and even in a Spanish language version. Pablo: "The Tactical Sailing Tool will certainly help them understand the reasons for tactical decisions and make them better tactical sailors"! "TacticalSailing.es" in Spanish is used worldwide by sailors in: ARG, CHI, ESP, FRA, NED, UKR, MEX, URU, POR. See reports about Laser ILCA Races here.

ARG Laser ILCA Regatta - Copa Patricio Homps 2023 - Award ceremony

The top 3 winners are: ILCA 4: Josefina Benvenuto CVB; ILCA 6: Eduardo Santambrogio YCO; ILCA 7: Pedro Pinto CNSI.
Pedro Pinto is a coach and jury member in Argentina ILCA-Class, see his photos on Instagram here.
See the full list of results here.

World Champion Philipp Buhl GER - fighting for gold

Philipp Buhl - World Champion 2018: "Tactics are an essential key to success for me. During a regatta, the changing wind conditions and those still to be expected are decisive. Those who can best grasp the current situation, implement it correctly and with lightning speed using healthy intuition, have good cards for victory. There is hardly a sport that demands more coordination in mental, technical and athletic terms than performance sailing in the Olympic Laser."
Gold: Congratulations Philipp! In a terrific powerful final fight, Philipp beats his main opponent Hermann Tomasgaard from Norway and relegates him to the silver medal in the final battle for the medals of the 2018 Marseille World Cup Final. © www.Philipp-Buhl.de  © Pictures FFvoile / Sailing Energy.

The Laser ILCA Formula 4,6,7 - World's Most Popular Regatta Class

To date, around 225,000 of the small single-handed dinghies have been sold in more than 140 countries, and there is no end in sight to the success story Simplicity, maximum sailing fun and durability were the primary design parameters that Bruce Kirby implemented quite optimally. The absolute uniformity and construction sameness cleared the way for a steep sporting career, all the way to Olympic status. The Laser embodies the Olympic idea like hardly any other boat class. Source: www.laserinternational.org   © Bruce Kirby
The ILCA 4 uses a short, pre-curved lower mast.
The ILCA 6 has a more flexible and slightly shorter lower mast.
The ILCA 7 can be sailed by any weight in light winds.
Further information: https://www.laserinternational.org  

Laser ILCA 4 Youth World

2023 ILCA 4 Youth World Championship - Volos, GRE / © Nikos Zagas

Laser ILCA 6 Worlds

2023 ILCA 6 Youth & Men's Worlds - Dziwnow, POL / © Marek Wilcek

Laser ILCA 6 Masters

2023 ILCA 6 Masters Worlds - Pattaya, THA / © Matias Capizzano

Laser ILCA 7 Masters

2023 ILCA 7 Masters World Championship - Pattaya, THA/  RVYC / © Matias Capizzano

Tactical Sailing dictionary available free of charge in 11 languages, also with Greek vocabulary

Despoina Orfanidou (Peiraeus Sailing Club PSC) has been supporting Tactical Sailing (TS Supporter) for many years. Despoina translated a TS dictionary with more than 400 vocabulary words about regatta sailing into Greek. A total of 11 languages are available free of charge in the dictionary, which can help sailors travelling to the 2023 ILCA 4 Youth World Championship - Volos (GRE).

Order your „Laser" in the Coach's Toolbox

Order a coach toolbox here in the online shop, available in English, German or Spanish. 
Participants in the 2023 Championships will be offered a coaching toolbox. The idea for this Spanish language version came from Pablo Villar (ARG), who has been working hard for years in Buenos Aires to promote young sailing talent. Pablo Villar:

  • "The Tactical Sailing Tool will certainly help sailors understand the reasons behind tactical decisions and make them better tactical sailors!"

Coach's Tool Bag - a new innovative tool for tactical decision making

Order a "Tool Bag" in the Online Shop.

Strategic and tactical decisions in regatta sailing are made in a similar way to classic "risk management". Already at the starting line, the sailor has to decide on the right or left side of the Regatta area. Jochen Schumann, Germany's most successful sailor, agrees: "The physics of sailing constantly forces us to make a clear decision. " In the Tactical Sailing program there is the "Coach’s Toolbox" with over 100 exercises. From this toolbox collection we have put together a special "Tool Bag" for regatta sailors. With these exercises, the ability to make decisions is trained, such as risk assessment and gain-loss analysis. They serve the regatta sailor to prepare for cups and championships, such as:

  • 2023 Optimist World Championship Costa Brava - Spain,
  • 2023 Optimist European Championship Thessaloniki - Greek.

With one "click", the coach can repeatedly call up the simulation of a regatta scene as video clips (YouTube) and discuss it with the sailors, e.g. tactical behaviour on the way to the finish line. We are happy to provide  the new "Tool Bag" for all sailors.


Click here to visit the shop. Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc. at the market places listed.

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