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World Championship 2023 - Optimist

Jonny Seekamp at the 2023 World Championship!

"Tactical Sailing" was very happy about his success - after all, Jonny has been part of the Tactical Sailing team since 2021. With two daily victories in the elimination races in Travemünde, he sovereignly sailed to the top of the best German opti-sailors! Now it's even more fun for us to report on the events surrounding the World Championship - especially because Jonny is part of it. The preparations start on 1 - 4 June at the "Spring Cup" at Costa Brava - Catalanien with more than 200 participants. © Fotos Coach Bastian Henning.

The German 2023 World Cup team

"We have a motivated and good-humoured group. The first days of preparation have already been a lot of fun and we believe we will bring a strong team to the start," write coaches Birte Berger and Bastian Henning from Spain/Costa Brava. Since last Saturday, the GER World Cup Team 2023 (from left: Coach Birte Berger, Jonny Seekamp, Jasper Porthun, Lukas Wagner, David Plettner, Cosima Feussner, Coach Bastian Henning) off L'Escala. On their water program: district knowledge (How does the Sea-Breeze work ...What happens in fog?). On their land program: team building (in the pool, during early morning sports, building sandcastles, cooking together). And the best is at the end of the day: Analysis of their own sailing videocasts. © Photos Coach Bastian Henning, Report: © Birgitt Müller-Genrich OptiClass.de

World Championship with more than 33 nations

The Spanish Club de Vela la Ballena Alegre will host the Optimist World Championship on 15 - 25 June 2023. Girls and boys under the age of 16 from all over the world meet here to determine their world champion. It is the most important sailing event  for children, because mastering the small,agile "Opti" is an important prerequisite for future sailing competitions.
Many a star has earned his first sporting spurs in him - including sailing legends such as Jochen Schumann and Ben Ainslie. But also, many top sailors of today trained technique, tactics and mental strength in the youngest boat. While an important focus of the event is on the sporty aspect of this small boat, the club is dealing with another important topic within the framework of the World Championship. See more information: https://2023worlds.optiworld.org/en/default/races/race 

2023 Optimist World Championship – Sailing for a better world

These days are not only about the atmosphere during the regattas or the sporting competition, but it is also about a very special way of planning and carrying out this event with the aim of developing the awareness of sustainability among young sailors

  • the awareness of their own personal CO2 footprint.

Because by thinking globally and acting locally, people and communities can work together – as in sporting competitions here – to promote environmental sustainability and thus protect the planet and its vital ecosystems for future generations. The various activities in this area allow the Club de Vela la Ballena Alegre to be nominated for the "World Sailing Sustainability Award".

Project Manager Pep Subirats from Club de Vela la Ballena Alegre has been supporting Tactical Sailing (TS-Supporter) for many years. Pep translated a TS dictionary into Spanish with more than 400 words about regatta sailing.  A total of 11 languages are available in the dictionary, which will help sailors who have travelled to Spain.

The Club de Vela la Ballena Alegre - Costa Brava - Catalonia

The 2023 Optimist World Championship will be hosted by Club Vela Ballena Alegre from 15 to 25 June 2023. It will be the sixth time in the history of the Optimist class that the World Championship will be held in Spain. 2023 is a special year for the IODA. It is the 50th anniversary of the recognition of the Optimist as an international class. Spain has been a member for 50 years and has played a pivotal role in the history and development of the Optimist Class over the years.
The IODA is looking forward to coming back to Spain to celebrate our 50th Anniversary as an International Class. Participants and chaperones will be accommodated in the various bungalows on the resort grounds. The website is: https://www.ballena-alegre.com/en/ 

The regatta race course is located in the middle of the bay of "Roses", a fishing area

In this case, given that the regatta area is located in the middle of the bay of "Roses (Girona)", the main ecological objective will be to raise awareness of the protection of local fishing areas. It is therefore crucial to raise awareness among young sailors of the importance of protecting local fishing grounds to maintain the health and sustainability of these ecosystems.

Preparation: Training at the "Spring Cup 2023" - 200 sailors from 18 nations

Nearly 200 sailors from 18 nations are registered for the "Regata Costa Brava Spring Cup 2023" from 1 - 4 June. Also present:

  • Isabella Calzadilla-Allora (PUR 81) from Puerto Rico, International North American Champion 2022!

Prominent coaches are also on site with their teams to prepare for the World Champion, e.g.:

  • Fernando Alegre -  Happykbza Sailing

See a video on YouTube about the Spring Cup: WindBa Spring Cup Costa Brava 2022.

A song for the World Cup 2023: That’s our World - Sailing Together - Sailing Forever

World Championship Official Song - Lyrics: That’s our World (Sailing Together) - That’s our World (Sailing Forever)
Toni Ten/Xasqui Ten - Produced: Ten Produccions - Performed by: Ariadna Vieyra.

Tactical Sailing dictionary available in 11 languages, also with Spanish vocabulary

Project Manager Pep Subirats from Club de Vela la Ballena Alegre has been supporting Tactical Sailing (TS Supporter) for many years. Pep translated a TS dictionary with more than 400 vocabulary words about regatta sailing into Spanish. There are a total of 11 languages available in the dictionary, which will help sailors travelling to Spain.

Coach's Toolbox in 3 languages - Spanish, English and German

Order a Coach's Toolbox here in the online shop.

Pablo Villar (ARG) on facebook: "Participants in the 2021 championship in Argentina - as now for the 2023 World Championship in Spain - will be offered a Coach’s Toolbox - and in the Spanish language version." The idea for the Spanish language version came from Pablo Villar (ARG), who has been working intensively for years in Buenos Aires to promote young sailors. Pablo Villar:

  • "The Tactical Sailing Tool will certainly help sailors understand the reasons for tactical decisions and make them better tactical sailors!"

Coach's Tool Bag - a new innovative tool for tactical decision making

Order a "Tool Bag" in the Online Shop.

Strategic and tactical decisions in regatta sailing are made in a similar way to classic "risk management". Already at the starting line, the sailor has to decide on the right or left side of the Regatta area. Jochen Schumann, Germany's most successful sailor, agrees: "The physics of sailing constantly forces us to make a clear decision. " In the Tactical Sailing program there is the "Coach’s Toolbox" with over 100 exercises. From this toolbox collection we have put together a special "Tool Bag" for regatta sailors. With these exercises, the ability to make decisions is trained, such as risk assessment and gain-loss analysis. They serve the regatta sailor to prepare for cups and championships, such as:

  • 2023 Optimist World Championship Costa Brava - Spain,
  • 2023 Optimist European Championship Thessaloniki - Greek.

With one "click", the coach can repeatedly call up the simulation of a regatta scene as video clips (YouTube) and discuss it with the sailors, e.g. tactical behaviour on the way to the finish line. We are happy to provide  the new "Tool Bag" for all sailors.

Photos from the Spring Cup 2022, © Club de Vela la Ballena Alegre


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