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Free sailing at the 2022 Championship - the champion wins a TS full version

Anyone can join in from home on a PC/Mac!

Download here the Tactical Sailing(TS) Program: Championship Edition  (Work in progress 20.09.2022)

- Windows: wwwww
- Mac: mmmmm
- Linux: llllll

Get general installation instructions and a quick guide to the game.
Have fun sailing on your PC with Tactical Sailing(TS)!

Participation in the championship

The conditions of participation are simple: You can train at any time on your PC/Mac and participate in the championship from home (offline - without internet connection). Afterwards, send the regatta office "screenshots" of the races with "the path sailed" and stating the "shortest time sailed" for evaluation. Deadline: 23 October 2022, award ceremony: 31 October 2022. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: office[at]TacticalSailing.de .

The best sailor wins the TS full version worth 59 € - Fun with two and four players

Choose the games "Against the Wind": Wind 3x3, 6x6 and 8x8 Master Race in the TS program. Try to reach the finish line faster than the autopilot in the Wind 3x3 game, sail to the finish in the "shortest time" in the Wind 6x6 championship and be faster than the other participants in the Wind 8x8 Master Race. In all games, sail the way to the finish line until the game stops automatically, take a "screenshot" of it and send it to the regatta office to be included in the ranking. The best sailor will receive a full version of Tactical Sailing(TS) incl. coach's toolbox worth 59 €. With the TS full version, you can play with two or four players and have fun together with friends! See more infos here.

Qualify for the ranking

  • Download the above TS program, select "Playing Against the Wind" in the main menu.
  • Before the start, select in the menu "BOAT" the options:
    "Sailed path" = ON and "Sparring partner" = YES.
  • Start the games: Wind 3x3, 6x6 and 8x8 Master Race, take screenshots each.
  • Condition: no buoy touching, the points of the sailed path must not touch the buoys.
  • Result: Send us your 3 screenshots of the finish with the time sailed visible, show the entire "sailed path" from the start to the finish, an expert jury will check your sailed path. In case of several equal results, the jury decides on the order of the results according to additional criteria, e.g. age groups: Youth < =15, < =25 or older than 25.
  • Send your e-mail to the regatta office: office[at]TacticalSailing.de  reference "championship".

Online workshop with the TS Academy

For all participants of the TS Championship we organise an online workshop via SKYPE or ZOOM. The offer of the TS Academy: Learn to sail "playfully" with Tactical Sailing(TS). Our team gives an introduction to the use of the tips and tools of Tactical Sailing - further education for young and experienced sailors, regatta sailors and coaches, where strategy and tactics play an essential role. Tactical Sailing was awarded the 1st prize at LEARNTEC by the eureleA 2012 jury as a best practice example of "Game Based Learning".

Privacy Policy

Our general privacy policy applies, see here. For participation in the Championship and the Workshop we declare the following: Unless you send us an objection to office@TacticalSailing.de, we will assume that you consent to the disclosure and use of the following data for the following purposes: 

  • Announcement of your sailed time (anonymous) on the TS website as "NEWS" and in the "TS Lounge" in the yearly ranking, if applicable on social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,
  • Notifications to you about your result in the ranking, sending the licence key to the winners,
  • Invitation to participate in the TS Academy online workshop for free,
  • Information about your participation to the speaker(s) of the workshop.

You can object to this publication and use in whole or in part, according to the above-mentioned social media. NO publication of the e-mail address.

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