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Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, etc. at the market places listed. Publisher is Media Digital Page and grantor of a license. Tactical Sailing software runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (Note: Mac OS X Mojave and Catalina we deliver a service module). If you have any questions, please contact us at office[at]TacticalSailing.com . 


39,- €  Games & Tips - Basic version
44,- €  Coach's Toolbox - Stand alone
59,- €  Games & Tips incl. Coach's Toolbox - All in One
Prices in Euros, or in your local currency where available, incl. tax/VAT

Order processing - DOWNLOAD CODE

Worldwide delivery: Order and delivery in just a few minutes, 7 days / 24 hours through the online store at Share-It (My Commerce / Digital River). Confirmation by an e-mail with details of the download code (license key) and instructions for installation. No delivery costs or fees. The cost of downloading a 70 MB file depends on your provider rates (Flat, volume or time-based rate).

My Commerce Worldwide service: Orders from all over world, e.g. USA, Canada, Argentinia, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc. have been processed easily by share-it worldwide services, and the product delivered for free. This shop offers multilingual operation in more than 20 languages, e.g. English, Spanish and German. Payment can be made in multiple currencies, e.g. Euro, Argentine Peso, British Pound, or US Dollar.

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