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Coaching for Beginners

Hans Schroecker

Hans Schroecker, Optimist Coach: "Visualizing the sailed path is very useful for beginners. The children were shown what ‘luffing’, ‘bearing away’ and ‘beating' mean. One child made the same mistake on the PC as on the water - they didn't hold the tiller calmly, rather they rowed around wildly. Then, on the PC, we practiced what you need to do to steer a boat correctly."

Heiner Mueller

Heiner Mueller, Optimist Coach: "Here the children can learn easier how to correctly round a buoy. On the water, they sail directly towards the buoy, but then immediately stand still in the wind. Now I can show them the optimal path on the PC, namely, to sail past the buoy first and then round it."
Start Exercise: "At the starting line I can simulate the situation with 8 boats and point out where to sail first, when should I turn. On the PC - I can show first, what we practice together on the water later on."

Detlef Hoepfner

Detlef Hoepfner from the SVWK: "Nice, grounded (or what does that mean on the water?) Sailing community
SVWK - Sailing Association Witten-Kemnade "... has the particular task of inspiring, training and promoting the youth for this sport. Sailing and club life of the SVWK, founded in 1994, were therefore characterized from the beginning especially by his youth department, and accordingly it is lively with us."
Detlef: "What do you do with a children's and youth department in winter?
1. Water in a dish sink and wind from the fan
Nils has translated some chapters of our theory into model practice: how to better demonstrate keep courses, how to put on / take off - than on a small Optimist sailboat and a breeze of wind? So he built a wooden model, equipped it with a neat sword, mast and sail. All that was missing was wind (from a large fan) and water (in a reasonably large dish sink).
2. Tactical Sailing on PC: "Together to heat the buoys"
Where the computer is not used daily ... we meet a couple of times in the winter, and then we are glad to get some crafts or anything else to start. With great sailing strategy you do not have to come ? and I'm glad to find the right menu item at Tactical Sailing, where we then 'heat up the buoys' together on the screen ? The kids then finally settled on the task: sailing like this, that you get as many penalty points as possible." © Photos Detlef Hoepfner

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