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The most commonly asked question: Will this program run on my computer?
Yes, with Windows on your PC, Linux or Mac OS X and Java, see FAQ - Computer.


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Do you have a racing board?

Yes: Look at the best times sailed at: Race results

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Which short cuts can I use? (Short cuts)

Short cuts are for example: ESC, space, P, W, S, A, F and left or right arrow. For changing wind direction use Keys: N and M. In game modus "Boat Against Boat" use to control 4 boats by keys: X, V, 1, 2, 8, 9, arrow left and arrow right. The Coach´s Toolbox offers more keys for boat control,use keys R,G,B.
See <Help> Menu inside the game for a description. Download a list of short cuts here.

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Operating by mouse-wheel?

Yes, you can. This is the finest operation you can steer the boat with. Place the mouse pointer into the circle of the area on the analog compass. As long as the pointer is inside this area, any turns of the wheel will make the boat turn in fine steps. Drag&drop the compass needle will also change the boat's direction. Note: Autopilot will be switched OFF when you take over all commands. To return to Autopilot ON, press Tack or Jibe.

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Operating a Game Pad?

Operating a Game Pad, e.g. Logitech Wireless F710, is suitable and tested, because of its programmable keys. No programming is required; just fill in a table for the keys to be pressed. Ask us for a Tactical Sailing Profile, which we will send to you. Or visit Tactical Sailors Lounge to download this Profile. For preset keys, see the accessories page. 

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Sparring partner ON or OFF

In Regatta Mode you can switch your sparring partner boat on / off. You can compare yourself to it (ON), or you can sail against the wind or time (OFF).

In Game Mode boats have contact with each other; they can touch or even overlap. This is not a mistake, but rather a comparison tool. This shows you if you are ahead, behind, or at the same length as the other boat at any given moment; violation of the right of way is not taken into account.

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Why does the boat stop at buoy 3?

Your computer has definitely an older version of Java installed! Update your Java Software!
Status: November 2010: The up-to-date version is code number 22, for example. 1.6_22.

Apple has its own free version of Java available. Using the command “apple, software update, Java” on your Mac, you can download a new version for free.

Windows users see here .

Registered Tactical Sailors receive detailed instructions under “Technic Java”.

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Boats jitter and Voice stutter

Boats jitter and Voice stutter is mentioned in some cases, if:

- The small windows of the options in the game, e.g. View, boats, tactics, jury, etc. is left open, close Option window when option is selected and then continue playing!
- Option "Sound" is ON, switch to OFF (unchecked).

-  Window size larger than the standard size of 1024x768 pixels
-  too many windows are open
-  too many programs are running at the same time
-  Webcam is active
-  Video, film, or music are running at the same time
-  Notebooks, laptops or old PCs do not have a powerful sound card

To do:
Restart the program.
Reduce Window size to 1024x768 pixels.
Try to upsize the window as much as the power of the system is able to handle.
Shut down windows and programs AND restart your system.
Every computer game needs all the resources of your system (graphics power and memory). You may use a large display of up to 27", but your window size for Tactical Sailing is limited to 1024x768 pixels. You may increase window size up to the maximum size that your system is able to perform. Tactical Sailing runs fine on a window size of 1024x768 pixels.External screens or TVs can be connected via HDMI or XVGA interface, large screens of size > 26" have been tested.
On Notebooks, Laptops or older PCs without a powerful sound card boats may jitter. The loudspeaker draws power, thereby limiting power for the boats to move smoothly. Switch the sound off in Menu "Sound" (unchecked) and restart the program.

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No Sound

In most cases the sound system is not working. Test any mp3-music title to play and test your speakers.

In other cases an older Java-Version is installed. The program requires Java-Version 21 or higher. See Technical/Java for details to update Java.