Questions and answers

The most commonly asked question: Will this program run on my computer?
Yes, with Windows on your PC, Linux or Mac OS X and Java, see FAQ - Computer.


Latest info

First step before installing or updating

To begin an installation you will require the license key whether you have bought the CD, a key card, the download version or requsted an update.

Support notes

First necessarily read this support notes! 
During installation you may be prompted to answer security checks, answer always "positiv" to continue installation. Your antivirus software and security settings, such as the firewall, must allow software to install Tactical Sailing. Typical security questions and the correct answers are described in the following notes, which you should read first before starting the installation:
- Windows user: Windows notes here,
- Mac OS X user: Mac OS X notes here.
There is a problem with latest OS X Catalina, version 10.15.3 from 01. February 2020!
>>> We'll send you further information and possibly a Mac service module for Java 6.

After reading notes, you can start downloading the latest software (see below) and the installation usually takes only a few minutes. Our Support Team is available for any questions; send an e-mail to

No CD disc drive, no CD disc is required!

Many computers today have no disk drive anymore, for example, laptops or notebooks. Nevertheless, the latest software can be downloaded here on this website. The test of Java version is NOT nessecary. If you bought a CD, then take the license key out of the CD box inside. The CD disc is NO longer required for installation! Start the installation by downloading the latest software from our server as described below.

Start downloading the latest software here

You will get the the full program in a compressed file (.zip; .dmg) stored in a location of your "download folder", save the file.

Windows: Start download here and Save the file
Mac OS X: Start download here
Linux OS: Start download here

Open your download folder.
Extract - unzip the file (Windows ca. 80 MB) or TS_en_install.dmg (Mac ca. 50 MB).
Run the setup file
Click on TS_en_setup.exe or


Enter License Key

To complete the installation, a window opens to enter your license key, which you bought for the full version, and Tactical Sailing starts. If this window is not displayed, then see special cases below.


You will get the latest software of the full program in a compressed file (.zip; .dmg) in the download folder. Recommendation for backup: Save this file on your computer in a personal directory or on a separate disk. Deposit the license key, which was send by e-mail or is inside the CD-Box, in a safe place, you may need it again in case of software updates.

First steps - Short video clips about the Games, Tips and Toolbox

We provide a tutorial - video clips - for your convenience to get started on playing the games and make use of Toolbox. See explanations, features and options to play with. Visit Tactical Sailors Lounge and start "First steps".

Special cases - error handling

The normal "set up" needs three clicks only and the game runs!

1 Stay on the website and start downloading the software file from the side: FAQ - Latest Infos.
2 "Click" and Extract - unzip the file or TS_install.dmg (ca. 80 MB).
3 Run the setup file with "click" on the TS_setup.exe or

CD disc

CD: Nothing happens when you boot from a CD. The CD disc is no longer required. Put the CD disc beside, you don't need the disk anymore, take the license key out of the CD-Box at hand. Stay on this web site,  see "First step before installing ..." above!
Solution: Start "DOWNLOAD THE LATEST SOFTWARE" from the top of this site!

Java 6 SE Runtime

Mac OS X: A message appears "... you need to install Java SE 6 runtime", click "More info" to download.

Security checks

You may be prompted to answer security checks. If you see the name: "Tactical_Sailing" or abreviations like "TS", "Win_TS, Mac_TS or Linux_TS" is displayed, then you can confirm to run the program without any risk. This is normal and will not harm your computer.
Unfortunately these security checks dialogs are extremely confusing:
Answer Yes or No or Allow or Run- depending on Windows or Mac!
You can switch off some Java questions and always "run with protections", see option B) in note: Security Check .

JavaFX: Yes
Windows 8 press more Info (to be translated)
Windows 8 continue execution (to be translated)
Windows 10 press more Info (to be translated)
Windows 10 continue execution (to be translated)
Mac: click No
Mac: click Allow
Mac: click No
Mac: click Run
Mac: Click Cancel, see notes for Mac OS X
Mac: Click Cancel, see notes for Mac OS X
Mac: Click Cancel, see notes for Mac OS X
Mac: App can't be opened, see notes for Mac OS X
Norton Security Check: "No thread found" (to be translated)
Norton Security Click: "Execute this program" (to be translated)

See latest info and detailed instructions to set options for Windows or Mac.

Installation does not start - Browser blocks Java, e.g. Firefox, Chrome

Program does not start - Anti Virus, Spam filters and Firewalls

In some cases you have to de-activate your Anti-Virus program temporarily, depending on setting you chose. In some cases Spam filters, Firewalls and Backup-Tools (e.g. Windows-Firewall, AVG, G-Data, Acronis-Backup) could lead to unusual waiting time during installation or even block the program to start after the security check. The logo is displayed (see right) but the program does not start. As always with software installations recommended: Close all other programs during installation. Check all options on these spam filters, if they are the cause for blocking "Java, Java Script or Java Web Start Launcher" to run properly. The program to install is "Java Web Start Launcher" and is named: "javaws.exe", it should be allowed to run.