Questions and answers

The most commonly asked question: Will this program run on my computer?
Yes, with Windows on your PC, Linux or Mac OS X and Java, see FAQ - Computer.


Security Check

Tactical_Sailing - Norton Security Scan

Norton Security Check: "No thread found" (to be translated)
Norton Security Click: "Execute this program" (to be translated)

Unfortunately are these dialogs extremely confusing: Answer Yes, No or Allow or Run- depending on if you have Windows or Mac! Read information carefully and answer appropriate - always "positive" to continue installation.

If you see such a notice titled "Tactical_Sailing_en", "TacSailGotoTS", or the abbreviation "...TS..., WinTS, MacTS, LinuxTS..." you are running secure software. This notice pops up as standard procedure in Java programs since 30 January 2012, so that you don’t start any foreign software that you don’t want to have on your computer. Confirmation: You can trust Tactical Sailing Software, the source code has not been changed and is not demaged! You can trust the program named: Tactical_Sailing_en. You can either answer this safety check every time the program starts (A) or check mark the option to always trust the execution and allow the program to start setting option (B).

B) Option program to start: "Run with protections"

Java Control Panel

An option in Java Control Panel can be changed; select “Run with protections” and the program will always start immediately. Find "Java Control Panel"
Windows: Start / System / Java / Java Control Panel / Advanced / Security / Mixed code security verification: 
⊗ Enable - No warnings, Run with protections
Mac: Launchpad / System Preferences / Java Preferences / Advanced / Very mixed security code
⊗ Enable - Run with protections, No warnings

Windows: Enable - ... run with protections
Mac Enable: - run with protections