Questions and answers

The most commonly asked question: Will this program run on my computer?
Yes, with Windows on your PC, Linux or Mac OS X and Java, see FAQ - Computer.


Windows 10 Notes

Message: "This Computer has been protected by Windows"

Click "more Information" and "confirm to continue" installation.
If you see such a notice titled "Tactical_Sailing_en, or the abbreviation "...TS..." you are running secure software. This notice pops up as standard procedure in Java programs, so that you don’t load any foreign software that you don’t want to have on your computer. Confirmation: You can trust Tactical Sailing Software, the program named: Tactical_Sailing_en.

Windows: Click "More Information" (to be translated)
Windows: Click "Continue installation" (to be translated)

Windows 10 and Tactical Sailing tested

The installation of Tactical Sailing is running on Windows 10 perfectly in a few minutes only.

Tactical Sailing running on Windows 10