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The most commonly asked question: Will this program run on my computer?
Yes, with Windows on your PC, Linux or Mac OS X and Java, see FAQ - Computer.


Against the Wind

Goal, Task, and Instructions

1. Goal

Your goal is to be the first across the finish line in shortest time possible.

2. Task

Sail the provided course. Cunningly maneuver your boat across the playing field and through the different wind regions to find the most optimal path to your goal. The game is over when the first boat touches the finish line in the middle. A time stamp (see display Time) shows your time sailed. See Racing Results on Internet to compare yourself with other Tactical Sailors.

3. General playing conditions

The wind is your enemy- it changes direction and strength in the different wind regions and can influence your course to the finish line.
Sparring partner- is the other boat- it accompanies you across the playing field and is controlled by an autopilot who does NOT take the optimal path. The other boat reacts automatically to changes in the wind- but it is not like you: it cannot understand and track the wind conditions around it.
The autopilot sails a default course: it sails to the layline, rounds the buoys automatically, and sails to the next mark.
In the Game Against the Wind have boats contact with each other: they can touch or even overlap.  This is no mistake, but rather a comparison tool. This shows you if you are before, behind, or at the same height as the other boat at any given moment, violation of the right of way is not taken into account.
The playing scene (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, etc.) includes the same situations from beginning to end, and can maintain a fair comparison that can be often repeated.

4. Instructions

Set up your tactical plan to steer the most optimal path to your goal. Your boat will sail a default course to the finish line if you are not active! It will tack at laylines, if you don`t do it beforehand, it will turn round buoys automatically.
The wind changes direction and strength- it cause the boat to top or to increase speed. If the wind comes head on, the boat is “in the wind” and you must tack or bear away! Try to recognize the wind patterns. Are they shifting or oscillating? Is the wind more favorable on the right or left side? Search for the best wind on the playing field and use it to your advantage.
You can receive additional information about the wind through wind flags. Drag the wind flag from above with the command 'drag&drop' and drop it into an interesting wind zone. Information about the wind will also be shown directly on the boat. Choose an option from the menu <boat> and select the information you need using 'on/off'! Use this information for tactical decisions and maneuvers! Use the commands 'Tack, Jibe, Luff Up, and Bear Away ' and further additional commands '+/-' for fine steering. You will find details under the 'Help' menu.

Version 1: 20110201
Version 2: 20110705 Added feature: "...  in shortest time possible."
See Racing Results best time sailed here.

Download Rules of the Game "Against the Wind" (.pdf) here.