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The most commonly asked question: Will this program run on my computer?
Yes, with Windows on your PC, Linux or Mac OS X and Java, see FAQ - Computer.


Boat Against Boat

Goal, Task, and Instructions.

1. Goal

Your goal is to be the first to reach the finish line in the shortest time and without breaking the rules.

2. Task

Two sailors sail the predetermined course with their boats. Steer the boat with skillful maneuvers across the playing field and through the different wind regions, so that you sail an optimal path from start to finish in the shortest time. The winner is the skipper who crosses the finish line first.

3. General Conditions

Ground Rules:
The following ground rules will be checked automatically: Proper start (Off or On Course Side -OCS), no contact with boats and buoys, as well as with the start and finish boats. If these rules are broken, the skipper automatically receives a demerit.  The skipper can redeem themself by performing a penalty curl, in which they sail a penalty round in a 360 ° circle. Demerits are registered on one's penalty account and can be updated manually. The proper adherence to the course and curve direction on the buoys -in a match race the buoys are rounded on the right and in a fleet race on the left - is also controlled in this way.

Starting Phase:
The game begins during the preparation time with a countdown to the start signal. A false start is a severe breach of the rules and is punished automatically. A false start must be cleared through a penalty round and the start repeated. The boat must round an end of the start line; otherwise, the start is not valid and the boat is not counted in the race.

Right of Way (World Sailing Rules):
The second skipper - here, the other boat - also attempts to reach the finish line. As a result, the boats cross paths. Contact with another boat is a grave mistake, which is automatically punished with a demerit.

The skipper should always make use of right of way rules, see all right of way rules in the game "Tips". Here are some basic examples:
1. Right of way for the boat with wind from  starboard rule, but notice exceptions.
2. Right of way for the boat on leeward side,  but notice exceptions..
3. Right of way for the boat with the inside position in the zone, but notice the "overlap" rule.
Violation of these right of way rules can be punished. Each skipper should avoid a boat collision and allow the boat with the right of way to continue on. Otherwise, the opposing skipper can lodge a protest by activating the "Protest" button.  The game is then paused until a decision about the right of way situation can be reached. An impartial referee can pause the game at any time, lodge a protest, and impose a penalty. The skipper's demerits are registered in the protest account. The account will be updated after a penalty round.

You can train in the game scenes with "Wind 1x1" as well as change the direction and strength of the wind. The game scenes (2x2, 3x3, 4x4, etc. up to 8x8) contain the same wind situations from start to finish, and therefore can sustain a fair comparison and be repeated at will. The wind is your common opponent - it changes in the individual wind regions and therefore can affect your path to the finish. You can identify the wind relationships in your surrounding area and everyone can use them to their benefit.

4. Instructions

Make yourself a wind tactical plan:
1. Which side of the course  you want to achieve and
2. Which path you want to sail to the finish

Your opponent will intersect your plans and force you to alter them.
Attempt to achieve an optimal start.
Attempt to use the right of way rules to your benefit. 
Attempt to force your opponent into an unfavorable position.

The direction and strength of the wind changes - it either slows down or accelerates the boat.  But if the wind comes from the front, the boat will stand 'in the wind' - you must bear away or tack! Attempt to recognize the wind patterns.  Are they oscillating or shifting? Is the wind more favorable on the right or left side? Seek out the best wind for you on the playing field and use it to your benefit. You can see information about the wind in the playing field by displaying additional wind vanes.  Drag a wind vane with 'drag&drop' from the top into a wind zone that interests you! Information about the wind is also displayed on the boat to you directly. In the 'Boat' menu, choose an option and select the desired information there with 'On/Off'! Use this information for tactical deliberations and maneuvers.

Your boat sails the course that you predetermine by "luffing and bearing away."  It maintains this course until you become active again! Make use of the commands "luff and bear away" for fine tuning; the following keys are used for this:
Boat 1 left in the cockpit Keys <X> and <V >
Boat 2 right in the cockpit Arrows <left and right>
See the details under "Help in the game: Boat Against Boat!"

You can read and print (PDF) the game instructions on the website in the section "FAQ" or "Tactical Sailor's Lounge".  Updates are announced there.
Version 1:  10/15/2012.

Download Rules of "Boat Against Boat" (PDF) here