Questions and answers

The most commonly asked question: Will this program run on my computer?
Yes, with Windows on your PC, Linux or Mac OS X and Java, see FAQ - Computer.



No classic installation necessary!

You need a standard Windows PC, Linux OS or Mac OS X to run the Tactical Sailing program. Our program does NOT need to be installed! The program starts in a “browser” that already exists on your computer. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.


Start installation by downloading a file from this web site: FAQ - Latest infos and follow instructions!

Starting the Program

You can use the program TacticalSailing offline after you download it, just like any other program. See instructions for your first download.

Un-Install the Demo-Version

The demo version is just a "technical test", it has only a small number of scenes, functions and options. The demo version will only show you: the program is running on your computer. You can easily remove the demo program after the test. See an instrution here.
Order here the full version with all scenes, functions and options!