Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Finn Dinghy

Polish Finn Dinghy Association - "Wiatri i Woda" Exhibition

During "Wiatr i Woda" (Wind and Water) exhibition in Warsaw we - Polish Finn Association - have a meeting for all Finn sailors. After one hour presentation meeting for all, we are going to start a 4 hours separate training: "Strategy and Tactic on the water".
It was very interesting to present Tactical Sailing during our meeting.

Contact: Piotr Pajor POL23; Secretary Polskie Stowarzyszenie Regatowe Klasy Finn (PSRKF) email: and

Strategia i taktyka regatowa- special guest: Rafał Szukiel POL 7

English: Speech Piotr Pajor POL 23
Polish: Speech Piotr Pajor POL 23
Piotr Pajor & Rafał Szukiel POL 7
Rafał Szukiel POL 7 on Wind 8x8

See a copy of "Strategy and Tactic on the Water" (English) for download (1.3 MB pdf).
or  "Strategia i taktyka regatowa" (Polish) for download (1.3 MB pdf).

Finn sailors are the most physical and tactical sailors in the world

What the sailors say: "The unique spirit of the Finn class transcends generations. Finn sailors know what it takes to master this magnificent boat, being the most physical and tactical in the world. This bonds them together." Jacques Rogge (1998) on
In other classes, there is very little difference in speed between the good and the very good. But in the Finn, the very good can always leave distance between himself and all others. If you really love competitive sailing, want to work hard, race hard and enjoy the fruits of your efforts then the Finn Class is for you. Paul Elvstrom (1962).
I credit the Finn as the best class available, offering an individual a true platform to learn and compete in at the highest level. The knowledge and work ethics gained from my years of Finn sailing have benefited me in all aspects of sailing throughout my career. Peter Holmberg (1998).
See more information on International Finn Association (IFA)

© Finn Class photos: J.P. Morgan Asset Management Finn Gold Cup 2012, Falmouth, UK

Hull Material GRP (classic boat wood) Year Designed: 1949
Hull Length 4.5 meters; Beam 1.5 meters; Mainsail Area 10.2 square meters; Hull Weight 107 kg .
Builders: Devoti, Great Britian; Pata, Hungary; Mader, Germany.