Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Tobias Schadewaldt (GER)

Olympian 2012 in the 49er:
"Tactical Sailing is useful for learning strategy and tactics."

"My impression is that it will be very helpful, especially for beginners in the regatta area, if there is an experienced coach / user during the first training sessions with the computer." So the assessment of Tobias Schadewaldt, even passionate racing sailor, multiple German Champion, Kiel Week winner and Olympian.
Tobias learned to sail on "the jade" in his early childhood. After his first successes in Optimist and Laser he moved with Hannes Baumann in May 2008 in the 49er. The two athletes trained hard and achieved in 2012 the participation in the Olympic Games in London and the leap to the top of the world rankings.
As a helmsman in the German Sailing Champions League and as a coach for the national team, he has remained faithful to his great passion, sailing.

Coaching - Seminars

After the successful realization of his childhood dream, Tobias has retired from active professional sports - he uses his many experiences during this time to design future projects that affect sailing in the broadest sense. So he concentrates on passing on his extensive knowledge in the field of elite sports as a coach in seminars. For this he has, for example, Qualifications in the field of mental training as NLP Practitioner and in the field of fitness training as "CrossFit Level One Coach" worked out.

CEO of Jade Yachting GmbH

He has also remained closely associated with sailing, both as a managing director and shareholder of Jade Yachting GmbH Wilhelmshaven, which has established itself as a seascape dealer on the North Sea and an official service base for Seascapes / Beneteau in Germany. His duties include u.a. also organizing seminars for interested sailors who want to refresh and expand their knowledge on the water in boats between 7 and 12 meters. His many years of experience as a sailing athlete for the right trim, clean and controlled maneuvering and rule-compliant tactics Tobias can impart here and pass on practical.

Sailing in a "chaotic system" - Tactic Against the Wind

Gusts and Lulls
Berlin - Wannsee

Tobias said in an interview with Tactical Sailing: "Wind-driven, we sail in a 'chaotic' system, nobody can predict how the wind will blow. You have to face up to the current wind conditions with his 'Tactics Against the Wind' and make 'the best' out of the current situation. Many stories about so-called "experiences" with the wind - about a year ago - are worthless ".
It can be assumed that Tobias in Berlin at the finals of the Sailing Champions League 2017 also tactically "beat along the middle", to then watch the wind on the way, to keep several tactical options still open, and then make his further decisions.

Sailing Champions League - The winner is NRV-Team

The active sailor Tobias, despite his professional commitment to his company is still today, if not the professional sailor. As a helmsman, he is still regarded in professional circles as a "safe bank" when it comes to the regatta victory. So he stood in the 2017 season for the Norddeutscher Regatta Verein (NRV) from Hamburg in the Sailing Champions League at the wheel and won the title with the best series in the history of the Sailing Champions League.

Gusts, wind shifts and a lull - nervous game until the end

Berlin - Großer Wannsee
Berlin VSaW: Startphase bei der Segel-Bundesliga

The final race in Berlin at the Wannsee, thrilling as a thriller:  ... "gusts and wind-winders influenced the race-events to a large extent unpredictably, everybody can still win, the wind swings and is gusty, we fight with the other boat from "Überlingen" before the start a duel, come with a little more speed over the line and force our opponents to turn around, the Club boat of DTYC starts all the way to the leeward and drives aggressively to the left side, in hindsight not a good decision.We cross over the middle.Get a few gusts and can the other boat from Überlingen until just before the buoy. Then we see a wind lull there, this is our chance, we keep to the left of "Überlingen", drive an open cover and avoid the wind hole, at the upwind mark a few seconds more than 100 meters ahead. After that, we bring the race safely to the finish, often in the Bundesliga it's such a key moment in which, with the right overview, you can make a small tactical advantage can generate a big lead. " Source: Report by Tobias Schadewaldt, extract from NRV News 6/2017.

NRV German Sailing Champion-Team 2017

In the 49th - with Hannes Baumann - London 2012 Olympic Games

Tobias and Hannes

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