Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Zdzislaw Zizi Staniul (POL)

Great to have the chance to be coached by this legend!

Zizi Staniul

Zizi achievements are truly legendary. He has turned young sailors into World and European Champions. Zizi is internationally known, his involvement in Poland, Germany, Bermuda and Switzerland are among his references. Together with Team leader Carmen Casco he achieved a feat of outstanding mental and tactical advice that made Nicolas Rolaz (CH) World Champion in 2014.

Zizi playing Tactical Sailing

Zizi Staniul
Theorie on land
Theorie on PC
Training at the water
Training with Bermuda Team

Switzerland´s Nicolas Rolaz crowned Optimist World Champion 2014

Nicolas Rolaz (SUI)

Champion du Monde Optimist 2014: "Je n´aurais pas pu m’imaginer que j’allais devenir champion du monde ... maintenant, je voudrais participer aux jeux olympiques." Avec l’incroyable entraîneur "Zizi", Zdzislaw Staniul, à ses cotés, ce rêve pourrait se réaliser.

Mistrz Świata 2014 Optimist: "Nigdy nie wyobrażałem sobie, że bedę Mistrzem Świata ... teraz myślę o Igrzyskach Olimpijskich." Razem z "Zizi", Zdzisławem Staniul - legendarnym trenerem, jego marzenie stało się rzeczywistością.

Optimist World Champion 2014: "I never imagined I would become a World Champion ... now I want to qualify for the Olympic Games." Together with" Zizi", Zdzislaw Staniul, the legendary coach, his dream could become true.

Optimist Weltmeister 2014: „ Ich habe mir nicht vorstellen können, Weltmeister zu werden ... jetzt möchte ich zu den Olympischen Spielen." Gemeinsam mit "Zizi", Zdzislaw Staniul, dem legendären Trainer an seiner Seite, könnte sein Traum wahr werden.

Nicolas Rolaz (SUI) - World Champion 2014

Tactical Sailing wishes to congratulate Nicolas on his optimist regatta success. We also wish to congratulate his coach Zdzislaw Zizi Staniul, who supported Nicolas with his tactical coaching for the World Championship 2014. Also team leader Carmen Casco, who gave incredible mental advice.
The Final Results see Nicolas Rolaz with a very comfortable finish on 38 points, followed by Voravong Rachrattanaruk representing Thailand with 60 points and Dimitris Papadimitriou from Greece with 63 points in third.

Nicolas the Champion
Nicolas and friends
Happy SUI-Team

LEARN BY PLAYING! "Against the wind" or "Boat against boat"
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NAUKA ŻEGLARSTWA PRZEZ ZABAWĘ! "GRA z wiatrem" lub "Łódka przeciw łódce"
+ Świetne narzędzie trenerskie
APPRENDRE À NAVIGUER EN JOUANT! "Contre le vent" ou "Bateaux contre bateaux
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Tactical Sailing Flyer - Polish / French / German / English

Zizi´s Sailors became Champions

Zizi at European Champion Championship

Nicolas Rolaz - Optimist World Champion
Julian Autenrieth - Optimist World Champion
Tina Lutz - Optimist World Champion
Paulina Rothlauf - European Championships Girls
Maximilian Hibler - European Championships
Wojtek Zemke - European Championships Boys
Piotr Radowski - European Championships Boys
Tina Lutz, Susanne Beucke - Junior European Championships 420 Class

Personal Coach, Team Coach, Workshop and Clinic

Zizi Staniul

The Goals:
Meet people
Improve sailing skills Learning technics of sailing in a rough weather conditions ( waves etc)
Speed testing of the new sails of JJ Theory.
Phisical Training every day.
Actual sailing training on the water Program
Training Pre Aecio Regatta 27-29.12
Participation of our Team in the Aecio International Trophy 30-31.12
Training: The maximum number of 20 sailors can join the clinic.
Coach : Zizi Staniul