Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Jochen Schumann

"This Match Race on the computer has huge potential."

Jochen & Marvin

In an interview with Tactical Sailing, Jochen expressed his first impressions of the game. “I am actually not a computer game player, but this match race on the computer has a lot of potential, for larger Match Race yachts, too. The Optis were really fast when shooting head to wind, but in the wind, immediately stood still. With larger yachts with their high net weight, you need to pay more attention to inertia when shooting head to wind. Therefore, this game would be really realistic for training.” We went to work, starting with the polar diagrams of a TP 52, and integrated the well-known TP 52 match race yachts in our program. Our number 1 is most definitely Jochen Schumann’s yacht, "All4ONE". See more about the project "All4ONE".

Jochen Schumann vs. Marvin Frisch in a Match Race

During the previous 2012 Boat Show there were multiple premieres of every sense simultaneously taking place at the “Tactical Sailing”: Boat Against Boat Opti-Stand. One was the Match Race between the arguably most well-known German sailor, Jochen Schumann, who until that moment had never before used a computer to control a boat, and Marvin Frisch, the German Champion in Opti 2011. Match Racing is a game for experts, which includes an exciting but tricky countdown before the starting gun. As an inexperienced PC-player, Jochen received a short technical introduction on the precision of controlling boats from his adversary, Marvin, before heading off to the starting line.

Fighting to get the best place on the starting line, Jochen showed his many years of experience by analyzing the wind at the starting line, while watching the actions of his opponent in order to tactically plan out the best route possible. However, Marvin would not be intimidated. Instead, he demonstrated his strong nerves and challenged Jochen to a bitter fight at the starting line. The outcome: An early start (OCS) for both Jochen and Marvin!

boot 2012 - DODV Opti

It was a pleasure for all the visitors at the Opti-Stand to watch both sailors in full concentration steer their boats. We’d like to congratulate Jochen for confidently tackling his first computer regatta. Although he had problems with "sailing without the wind on his neck", he preformed exceedingly well. Jochen and Marvin definitely didn't make it easy on one another, but rather had their fun at fighting for each and every centimeter.

© Photos: Isabel Beckers, Birgitt Müller-Genrich, Jochen Borbet, Dr. Curt Fritze. Opti-Webseite: Audi Sailing Team powered by "ALL4ONE.
Source: Interview in Magazin Capital 26.11.2014 "Was Manager von Sportlern lernen können".