Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Ben Ainslie (GBR)

Meeting Sir Ben Ainslie

Sir Ben Ainslie
Autograph on CD-Cover

In Duesseldorf, we met and spoke about "Tactical Sailing" with Ben Ainslie from the "Land Rover Sailing Academy" which promotes talented young sailors. With the Coach´s Toolbox, we offer a very useful tool to teach tactical knowledge of "Reward and Risk - Gain or Loss". After the visit to the Düsseldorf Exhibition he was on his way back tot he team. The first big event started on 27th-28th February 2016 in Oman, the "Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series." We were delighted that Sir Ben autographed our CD cover.

The British America’s Cup Challenger and Land Rover, the team’s Title and Exclusive Innovation Partner, have deepened their commitment to creating a sustainable talent programme in sailing with the launch of the Land Rover BAR Academy. This new initiative will find and support talented young British sailors, and create a pathway into the America’s Cup.See:

The development of Tactical Aids

Ben und Giles Scott
Giles Scott

Giles Scott, sailing team tactician and Rio Olympic gold medallist commented, "The tactical app is a really important aid to the decision making process during the racing, providing Ben and myself with the data that we need. We've had great support from both BT and Coderus through all stages of the development, from design, build and now the refinement out on the water."

The tactics and strategy of winning sailboat races is a much-studied art. Many books – large books – have been written on the complex mix of factors that determine the outcome of even the simplest weekend club race. There is the ever-changing playing Feld of wind and water; then there’s the competition, with every interaction between boats mediated by rules and case law; and Fnally the race course itself, with its boundaries, distances and timings. Read the article here.

"Land Rover - Ben Ainslie Racing - BAR"

Training: Light and unstable wind conditions during the practice race saw many "winners and losers" in the fleet. Team Land Rover BAR reached a fifth and third place in the fleet race and ended the training day with a win against defenders "Oracle Team USA" in its second match race.
Races: Ben Ainslie and his team experienced the same conditions in the races of "Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series" in Oman: "Unbelievably difficult conditions today with gains and losses in the fleet," said the commentary.‬ See

The English promoter
Team Manager Jono Macbeth and skipper Ben Ainslie
BAR Team
Sir Ben - the Skipper

The Boat

The Boat from Ben Ainslie and Land Rover
The Boats for Americas Cup - Foiling

"Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series" in Oman

BAR Team winners

The team was ready to rock and roll in Oman. "In these light conditions, you just have to treat things a little more softly on the boat differently. Treat her more gently, not putting maximum body weight on anything as you don't want to shake the boat . We are a bit like a ‘cat in silk slippers’ as we call" it sad Freddie Carr from team BAR.
Ben and his team won overall after 6 races. "The spirit of the crew never gave up in Oman, the result was fantastic for the whole team both on and off the water. An incredible comeback in all races to win the first World Series event of 2016, well done boys!" #‎BringTheCupHome is the target for 2017! See video from America's Cup World Series - Régates du 27/02/2016 à Oman here: (Canal+)


Analyse Race 2: Ben reduced "Distance Sailed" by 300m!

The proof of his tactical excellence is Ben's ability „to read the wind and its behaviour". Each "lift" could shorten the distance to sailing towards the windward mark, if one takes the wind on the right bow. And Ben reduced the 2nd race distance significantly, the "Distance Sailed " to 300 m compared to its direct successor, 600m and 900m to the other teams, see diagrams!
The statistics of the data, which was displayed during the TV program, showing other aspects of the success of the team. See, for example the lowest number (7) of the „Tacks & Gybes“ in comparison with the other competitors. The analysis of "Average Speed" proves that they were through their tactics indeed the fastest boat, but the other boats were not significantly slower. Nobody came into "Foiling" because of the light wind conditions. Read more about Ben Ainslie and "Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series." here.The key to success was not the speed, it was the tactics: in the starting phase as well as the tactics against the wind and the fleet.
With a similar graphs as displayed in the TV program you can create your tactical maneuvers with the simulation software to practice on the PC and to learn to see "Gain and Loss", at every tack and every Gybe. The Tactical Sailing program in the new version of the Coach Toolbox simulate your tactical decisions. See the benefits of simulation software here.

Race 2: Sailed Distance reduced by 300m! Tim Howard:‪ "Love the stats - reminds me of Sir Jim's advice: 'three tacks, two gybes'‬"
Results Time sailed in race 2
Results Time sailed in race 3
Race 4 finish line
Race 5 upwind mark
Race 6 finish line

YACHT: Ben Ainslie and the team BAR remain the European force ...

BAR Ben Ainslie

... The lessons of the summit in Muscat: Ben Ainslie and Team Land Rover BAR remain the European force, with the Cup defenders have expected. Jimmy Spithill and Oracle Team USA have not forgotten how to win, but are not invulnerable in sailing - see the defeat in the final sprint against the French. The Emirates Team New Zealand has worked with Peter Burling, a 25th century talent steering the boat, but that has not yet reached the aura of invincibility in competition with the sizes of the sport in the 49er half a year before the Olympic Regatta has started"; ... See the full report here: Source: Tatjana Pokorny - Yacht:


SegelReporter: Sir Ben scored narrow victory

Final Result

After six exciting, sometimes dramatic races of the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Oman the best sailors in the world are together almost at eye level. These are the pre-regattas for of the 35th America's Cup, which takes place in Bermuda in the summer of 2017. The season opener at the weekend in Muscat / Oman won Sir Ben Ainslie with the Land Rover team BAR (UK) just ahead of cup defender Jimmy Spithill in ORACLE TEAM (USA). Kiwi Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand occupied the Sultanate third podium and defended by their lead in the overall standings of the World Series. Source (in German):

Next generation Sailors & Fans

Meet the amazing pupils from the OurPlanet International School Muscat in Oman, where being sustainable is embedded in their daily learning. Freddie & CJ joined the children to launch their boats made from recycled materials & talk about our work with Team 11th Hour Racing around saying no to single use plastics, the importance of reducing & reusing waste and being responsible for your environment. Great to see the next generation making a difference. Source:

Pupils from the OurPlanet International School Muscat in Oman
Children to launch their boats made from recycled materials
Saying no to single use plastics

Sir Ben at boot Duesseldorf

Sir Ben in an interview with Nils Kaben - Segel Center "boot" 2016

Nils Kaben and Ben Ainslie

Stunning in Sailing Center 2016: All facets of sailing expected visitors in Sailing Center of boot Duesseldorf, the largest boat show in the world. Sailing legend Sir Ben Ainslie, the import of four Olympic medals, eleven times world champion and already the legendary America's Cup won, explains in an interview with Nils Kaben, how his team would bring America's Cup trophy to England in 2017.

Ben Ainslie in an interview with Karsten Kemmling - SegelReporter

Auf der Bühne im Segel Center "boot 2016"

[Translate to english:] In Düsseldorf auf der boot war Ainslie noch nie. Er ist überrascht von der Größe von der Veranstaltung und ärgert sich, nicht mehr sehen zu können. Er hat wenig Zeit, auch wenn er nicht gehetzt wirkt. Aber nach der Präsentation mit seinem Sponsor muss der viermalige Goldmedaillengewinner schnell wieder in den Flieger zurück nach England. Da wartet sein Land Rover BAR America’s Cup Team, mit dem er den Cup nach England holen will. 90 Menschen stehen in Lohn und Brot. Dafür hat der Brite 105 Millionen Euro eingesammelt bei privaten Sponsoren und Unternehmen wie dem neuen Titelsponsor.
Siehe das vollständige Interview mit Karsten Kemmling von SegelReporter hier auf YOU Tube:  (in English).

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