Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


German TV ZDF-Sportreporter Nils Kaben at boot

"I play Tactical Sailing on the go, at the airport to pass the time"

Nils comment: " The new version of "Slalom-Segeln" and randomly shifting winds is ...

A few seconds ahead makes a winner

What is unique as well as unusual about our " Slalom Sailing " on the PC is that you play with the wind, but the wind plays against you. You will never experience such wind on the water, nor will you ever want to. This wind is the horror! It is unpredictable, can shift from second to second, oscillate or suddenly blow a gale. It claims the complete concentration of the skipper at all time, right to the end of the game. Just like "Tactical Sailing - A Game Against the Wind", you can have fun and sail "Slalom Sailing" alone against the computer, your fictitious sparring partner.

8 marks
16 marks
24 marks
32 marks
Time: 1:06,6; Wind: 010°
Time: 1:48,9; Wind: 290°
Time: 2:50,4; Wind: 220°
Time: 3:29,1; Wind: 175°

Nils Kaben sailing tactically on PC Tactical Sailing

Nils Kaben and Paul Gerbecks playing Tactical Sailing

Lots going on at Optimist-booth, Hall 15, boot Dusseldorf .... many visitors - young and old. The "great" visitor came from the German TV / ZDF sports reporter Nils Kaben, his specialty was among others sailing. After his presentations on the stage of the sailing center, he came to "play a tactical game". On a PC he ran against Tactical Sailing developer Paul Gerbecks. Who won, will not reveal.

Sir Ben in an interview with Nils Kaben - Segel Center "boot" 2016

Nils Kaben and Ben Ainslie

Stunning in Sailing Center 2016: All facets of sailing expected visitors in Sailing Center of boot Duesseldorf, the largest boat show in the world. Sailing legend Sir Ben Ainslie, the import of four Olympic medals, eleven times world champion and already the legendary America's Cup won, explains in an interview with Nils Kaben, how his team would bring America's Cup trophy to England in 2017.

Tom and Abby Ehler on stage at Segel Center in Duesseldorf
Interview with Nils Kaben - German TV/ZDF sport reporter

Nils, Tom, and Abby on stage
Team SCA
Cape Horn

Nils Kaben - German TV / ZDF Sport reporter

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