Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Australia - Sydney-Perth-Hobart - Wind 4x4

Race Sydney-Perth-Hobart: Start-1-2-3-2-3-4-1-4-Finish (Wind 4x4)

Patrick Keck 4:57,3

Best time sailed round Australia (Min.:Sec)

1 Patrick Keck 4:57,3
2 Valentin Brueckmann 5:00,9
3 Hannes III 5:03,7
4 Felix Kaiser 5:05,5

Patrick 4:57,3
Valentin B. 5:00,9
Hannes 5:03,7
Felix 5:05,5

Opti sailors exercising and having fun

Valentin B.
Felix & Hannes
London to Rio 2016: Mat Belcher & Will Ryan
Medal Race Preparations
Price giving

Visit Belcher&Ryan2016's website and follow their success!

Will Ryan & Mat Belcher

After Mathew Belcher & Malcom Page won Olympic gold in 2012 in London, Mat Belcher and Will Ryan started a new campaign. Mat & Will make up the new team and are on their way to Rio 2016. Watch them sailing their 470er AUS 11, they are already in the first year as a team very successfully:  European- and World Champion 2013!