Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Wind 8x8 Tiles

Race Board Wind 8x8 with Gusts and Lulls - Master's Race

1 Paul König 3:04.7 and 3:02.9
2 Jan Treutler 3:04.8
3 Dominic Kiefer 3:18.4

Dominic K. 3:18.4
Jan T. 3:05.4
Paul K. 3:04.7
Paul K. 3:02.9

Rules of Gaming - Protest and Decision of Jury

The buoys must not be touched. The "sailed way" (lines, points) indicates when a buoy has been touched.

Decision of the jury on protest after touch buoy 4 by Paul K .: On the finish line photo of Paul K. (3: 04.7) was a touch of buoy 4 shortly after the start on the 1st beat recognizable. But: The buoy 4 is not yet visible to the helmsman in the starting-off phase. After the start, the start line is hidden and only then the buoy 4 appears in the field. So Paul K. could not touch the buoy 4 after a successful start, as buoy was not "set" at this time. Therefore, the protest was rejected by the jury and the result with 3: 04.7 at the finish recognized.

Case 1: Direction sailed 315° at Start
1. Beat, Buoy 4 not visible
Case 2: Direction sailed 310° at Start
Protest situation touching of buoy 4 visible

Race Board Wind 8x8 - Game Level Very Complex

Christian Kimmeswenger 3:02,3

1 Christian Kimmeswenger  3:02,3
2 Thomas Besthorn     03:03,9
3 Marvin Frisch             03:07,7 and 3:05,6
4 Selma                       03:09,1
5 Ben Ammann            03:11,2
6 Kristian Wannagat    03:11,5
7 Tom Ammann           03:15,0
8 Nils Sternbeck          03:19,9

Tom (Real Wind, very difficult, no tile regions visible!)