Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Abby Ehler - Boat Captain Team SCA

"Slalom Sailing is ... to be in tune with the wind whilst sailing"

Abby Ehler

At the boot Düsseldorf I had the chance to 'play' with the TacticalSailing software, the slalom sailing was a unique experience, although this style or course would probably never be played out on the water. What it did require was for the player to be really tuned into the wind as it constantly shifted, so a great training tool for coaching the need to be in tune with the wind whilst sailing the boat at max speed.

Abby: !And just for the record, I won!! :-) ... to Thomas Ehler: eat my dirt!!"

Slalom Sailing - Endless Fun!

Slalom Sailing - endless fun!

Like the traditional Slalom in winter sport, the aim here is to reach the finish line first and win with the fastest time. It´s not easy to get through the narrow Slalom Sailing. The buoys are set just like slalom gates on a ski slope and your boat must pass them as closely as possible to keep the sailing distance short.
Abby and Tom were guests in the Sailing Center at the "boot 2017" and at the booth of the optimists dinghy. They started on the PC a "Slalom Race" with 8 buoys to get to know the slopes and the wind. But then the professionals went straight to the more difficult variant with 32 buoys.
Around each buoy was fought hard, because both wanted to win ... 

32 Marks
Abby and Tom Ehler

8 marks
16 marks
24 marks
32 marks
Time: 1:06,6; Wind: 010°
Time: 1:48,9; Wind: 290°
Time: 2:50,4; Wind: 220°
Time: 3:29,1; Wind: 175°

"What a great tool for teaching youngsters, professionals and oldies alike."

Abby Ehler playing Tactical Sailing

Abby Ehler had the opportunity to trial and test the TacticalSailing software at the Boot Düsseldorf.

"What a great tool for teaching youngsters, professionals and oldies alike, to visualise what happens out on our 'playground' the shifts, gain & loss, and pressure. Paul Gerbecks who has masterminded this software is extremely passionate about the benefits this can offer to up and coming sailors in addition to their on water training.‬" See more info from Abby Ehler on facebook.

'See' gain and loss, tack to tack / gybe to gybe.

Paul & Abby discussing tactics

Abby Ehler‪ and Steve Baker chatting on fb: "The software TacticalSailing is a great tool to help youngsters (and us oldies) to 'see' gain and loss, tack to tack / gybe to gybe. It plays out what happens on the water on a screen, great for those that find it hard to visualise tactical decisions based on wind and the fleet."
‪Steve Baker‪: "It's nice to see tools like that "out there" for training, rather than simply relying on experience (often disheartening) and a coach's "Trust me - this is why!"‬

Abby does it all - Professional Sailor, Mother, Wife

About Abby Ehler: Hometown - Lymington, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Abby was the boat captain onboard Team SCA keeping on top of the wear and tear and making sure the boat was always ready to perform at it best. She was also a helmsman/trimmer. Abby’s entire sailing experience has been in a team environment. She competed in the 2001-02 Volvo Ocean Race with Amer Sports Too. In 2003 she won both the Rolex Fastnet Race and Rolex Middle Sea Race. Abby has a working career in the yachting industry, both on and off the water.

Team Sailor

The Magenta Project - SCA Volvo Ocean Race - Round the world

Team SCA
Team SCA
The Boat
The Boat

Tom and Abby Ehler on stage at Segel Center in Duesseldorf
Interview with Nils Kaben - German TV/ZDF sport reporter

Nils, Tom, and Abby on stage
Team SCA
Cape Horn

Tom Ehler about "living together" on board: Woman - Man

Tom Ehler and Patty Halcour in an interview

A great weekend at Dusseldorf Boat Show, discussing the Volvo Ocean Race, juggling family life with professional sailing and what does the future hold for women in sailing! Patty is interested in and discussed with Tom.

Patty: "I'm just interested in living together on board, all women, with a pure women's team or all-male team."
Tom: "Well, there's a big difference. Men are as follows: they accept the clear word. And then it's over. And if the same does in women who then sometimes maybe take the clear word, but that is then taken rather personally. And they take it a little longer until it comes out of the world.
And it is sometimes not forgotten."
Patty: "That's not so nice."
Tom: "No."
Patty: "Any conclusion?"
Tom: "Everything is the same. With the girls, when there is a dispute, it sometimes takes a little longer!"
Patty: "Thank you."

Nils Kaben sailing tactically on PC Tactical Sailing

Nils Kaben and Paul Gerbecks playing Tactical Sailing

Lots going on at Optimist-booth, Hall 15, boot Dusseldorf .... many visitors - young and old. The "great" visitor came from the German TV / ZDF sports reporter Nils Kaben, his specialty was among others sailing. After his presentations on the stage of the sailing center, he came to "play a tactical game". On a PC he ran against Tactical Sailing developer Paul Gerbecks. Who won, will not reveal.

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Chance and Risk - Gain and Loss - see it all at the simulation

Distance boat to boat
Wind shift 15°
Wind shift 345°

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