Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Nils Sternbeck

World Championship Optimist 2013 Runner-up

Nils Sternbeck

Nils Sternbeck, who had just turned 12, showed nerves of steel as a junior sailor. Nils sailed with a very consistent performance in his group. Winning three days, he constantly remained in second place in the overall rankings, which were comprised of 259 competitors from 50 countries. On the last day, he once again showed his tactical ability. Nils was the only helmsman who stood his ground against the Singaporean team in the fight for the top place. On the morning before the start of the last two races, a comfortable 17 points distanced him from his pursuer Edward Tan (SIN), who sat in 3rd place. That's when the worrying began. Throughout the day, this gap closed to 1 point, but the razor thin advantage secured him the silver medal. "This is so cool; I can barely believe it!" Jia Yi Loh from Singapore became World Champion. Lukas Hesse, who is also in the German World Cup Team in Riva at Lake Garda, achieved a respectable 7th place. See results and reports on: (Italian).

Nils Sternbeck

Nils Sternbeck (GER 13205)´s tactical maneuvers.

With three day victories, Nils secured his leading position for the silver medal. Example: Wednesday 24.7.2013 Race 8b Blue, Replay and Analysis on: recorded by TracTrac System using GPS trackers. The screenshots show examples of his tactical maneuvers: Starting with free wind at the buoy, he controls his pursuer at Lee Gate as the leading boat, uses the wind tactical advantage on the right side with the turning wind on the goal cross (banana) and arrives at the finish line first!

Nils Sternbeck GER 13205 starts with free wind wind
Nils leads at Lee-Gate
Nils leading at last tack with clearance
Finish: Tactical Advantage on turning wind (Banana)

The entire German team: Second best nation in this World Championships

Coach Geeske and Birgitt Müller-Genrich with the World Championships Team
Nils Sternbeck, Deike Bornemann, Paul Feldhusen, Linus Klasen, Lukas Hesse

Photos:© Christane Boysen; © Birgitt Müller-Genrich; © Matias Capizzano

Nils Sternbeck at home at the Seeshaupt Yacht Club on Starnberger See (near Munich)

Team Race Excercise

After the regatta at the Optimist Prize in the Spring of 2013, the fun continued with Tactical Sailing in the YCSS's warm clubhouse - "Sailing dry," playing on the computer with the game "Team-Race." The "bellowing" for "Room" and "Protest" was unmistakable for all present. Here you can see Nils and Lukas steering their boats - this time on a keyboard - against each other, as well as as a team to practice for the World Championships on Lake Garda.

fully concentrated ...
Nils and Lukas
together in a Team Race