Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Philipp and Julian Autenrieth

In addition to practical success, Philipp and Julian founded a "Sailing Academy" in 2019

Philipp Autenrieth - 470 German Champion 2016

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: Also successful in 470er

Julian & Philipp & Emilia

Bronzemedal at  Int. German Championship 2014
World 470er 2014 in Santander, Rang 18
Best german team at European Championship
Julian Autenrieth: Junior-Vize- World Championship 470er;
Bronze at Junior Euro 470er
German Champion 420er
World Champion Opti

International German Championship 2014

German champoin 2014 are Ferdinand Gerz / Oliver Szymanski, followed by Jan Jasper Wagner / Dustin Baldewein on the 2nd place. Julian & Philipp Autenrieth win the bronze medal at the Int. German Championship of the 470er. The Autenrieth's are among the best 470 German sailors. The three rivals always fight for the top places.

Julian & Philipp GER 15
Int. Competition from NED and SUI
Autenrieth, Szymanski/Gerz, Wagner/Baldewein

The strength and performance of sailors in the 470 class is very close. Strategic and tactical methods determine the winner. In an interview with the top sailors and jury members, we discussed two methods:
- minimizing risk against the "Monster Wind" and
- willingness to fight for "attack or defense."
Risk Management "best and worst case" with an analysis is also when sailing upwind a critical success factor. Otherwise it remains namely the "hit or miss", who sails ahead when the wind shifts and one side is preferred.
In addition, the willingness to fight to "attack or defense" against rivals requires to sail highest concentration already at the starting line, to ensure the success already on the first leg.
Both methods require knowledge and experience in strategy and tactics of the top sailors to dominate - no matter whether men or women. For the lightweight Swiss women's team Linda Fahrni and Maja Siegenthaler have the men showed that a 3. place can be achieved in the overall standings of the International German Championship without athletic muscle strength (!). Namely with other methods and clever tactics is possible. 
Sources: Reports on Autenrieth's by Volker Göbner on;
Photos : Deutscher Touring Yacht Club - Tutzing -

She is a very fast "Emilia"

Junior-Runner-up World Championship 2013

Julian & Matti, Junior Runner-up World Champion
Philipp & Julian, European Championships - Best German Team
"Stella" goes Tactical Sailing
Philipp & Julian, 2013 World Championships best speed and tactic

Julian Autenrieth (Bavarian Yacht Club) and Matti Cipra (Wismar Yacht Club ) are 2013 Junior Runner-up World Champions in the 470er Olympic class. The Bavarian-Mecklenburg duo won the silver medal. This is the greatest success Julian Autenrieth has recorded in the 470er class. The 21-year-old won the 2006 World Championships in the youngest Optimist class. Other than that, he sails in an 470er Olympic campaign with his brother Philipp. He is a good year older than Julian, and therefore no longer eligible to race with the 470er juniors. Julian paired up with an "old" rival from the Optimist days for the Junior World Championships.
At the subsequent "Senior World Championships" in July, 123 teams from 35 nations were represented, the largest field in the 50-year history of the 470er Championships. For Julian Autenrieth, it continued there: He then sailed at this regular 470er World Championships with his brother Philipp. They landed in 25th place at the regular 2013 World Championships, a realistic goal, exactly as they had set for themselves.
Philipp and Julian Autenrieth (Bavarian Yacht Club, BYC) were, along with 68 other teams from 29 countries, at the European Championships in Formia, Italy. As the best German team, they achieved 14th place. The Autenrieths went to Italy with a brand new 470er that had been financed by the BYC. The Boat was baptized with the name "Stella." "Stella goes Tactical Sailing" - now the mind is free again for strategy and tactics. In just the first five races of the qualification phase, they saw that they were considerably faster with the new boat than with the old one. Sources: Photo: © Christophe Breschi; Text Excerpt from Press Releases

Julian and Adrian Hoesch (BYC)

Junior European Championships: Two second places are on the results table of the 470er European Championships in Pwllheli, Wales, for Julian Autenrieth and Adrian Hoesch (Bavarian YC)! 14 to 20 knots of wind blew over the flat coastal. "It was a relatively choppy wave with challenging sailing," said Julian, "but we knew that we are quick with these requirements." Despite a conservative approach, the Bavarians, along with the British Team of Mike Wood and Hugh Brayshaw, were almost 200 meters ahead of the field both times. "They have a bowsman who is 190m," described Julian. "At the cross he was a little bit faster, forewind us." After the 5th and 9th places, Autenrieth/Hoesch hat 40 points and sat in 3rd place. Two points ahead of them were the Brits, and at the top of the field sat the Israelis Gal Cohen and Dan Froyliche with 35 points. The new Junior World Champions Xammar/Herp were behind Autenrieth/Hoesch by 5 points in 4th place. Text Excerpt from Press Releases © Photo:

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: Opti World- and German Champions 420er


Tactics in Competition

What does tactics mean to you?
“It is very important. The best tactics and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone. Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins. This includes meticulously observing the wind and weather, noticing small wind changes before your opponents do, and using these changes to your advantage. It is also important to continuously exchange with your partner and make fast decisions. A lot of things happen at the same time on board.” Julian and his brother Philipp sailed very successfully in an Opti. Philipp took fourth place at the Optimist World Championship in 2005. Julian became the world champion in 2006. Philipp and Julian became the German champions twice in 420er. Since 2009, they have both been sailing 470er. Phillip and Julian Autenrieth are members of the Bavarian Yacht Club (BYC) on Starnberger See. ©

Julian & Philipp Autenrieth: Tactical Sailing - "Boat against Boat"

Julian & Philipp Autenrieth

Gerd Eiermann, Frank Schönfeld

Julian and Philipp: Very, very, very awesome! Congratulations!
The Winner of eureleA 2012 is ... Tactical Sailing

eureleA Award

Tactical Sailing - winner of the eurelA 2012. The large number of applicants and the high quality of the presented projects was unexpected. This made the surprise that much greater as our tactical and strategic game was distinguished with the prize in the category “Best Media Didactics.” The number of congratulations from friends, colleagues, and young and not so young sailors didn’t stop; everyone had been crossing their fingers for us, and it obviously worked!

See a detailed report: Award eureleA 2012