Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Roko Mohr

Roko about Tactical Sailing: ""Almost as cool as sailing yourself. You don't get wet and you don't freeze! - The game is good fun!"

Roko Mohr(ri) enjoys playing friend Kai(le)

Roko was delighted with his first "Tactical Sailing" regatta. Like many other young sailors, he came to the Optimist-Stand at the Duesseldorf Trade Fair "boot" 2015 to try out his skill at "dry" sailing. His first attempt at sailing with the PC was great fun for him and his friends. He manoeuvred his boat as if he was on the water and used the best tactics to fight against the wind and beat the other boats. Roko and his three friends fought each other right up to the end, to see who would be first to cross the finishing line.

Sailing on desktop
iMac 27
Local NRW-Team
Daniela, Kai, Roko, Inga
Fair boot 2015
Opti sailos
Roko Mohr & Kai
Coach Oliver Mohr

Roko Mohr: Full speed ahead - German Champion 2016

Florian Krauß(2.), Roko Mohr(1.), Valentin Müller(3.)
Roko down the wave
Roko full speed ahead

There were good firm regatta conditions throughout the 2016 International German Youngsters' Optimist Championship at Helgoland. However the final day topped it all with a stable west wind between 15-18 knots, a strong tide current and high surging waves. The Gold Group (62 sailors) sailed three, and the Silver and Bronze fleet (each 62 sailors) sailed two races that day. Spectacular scenes were to be observed on courses where no wind protection was given by the island or the dunes. The Optimists either sled onto a crest of a wave or tried arduously to scale up onto one.
With three times a daily win Roko Mohr secured his Optimist Champion title. His brilliant mastering of the finals was remarkable as this was the first time that the best 62 sailors of this IDJüM have competed against each other.
On the first scheduled day of the final round, the boats remained ashore due to a storm over Helgoland. At the beginning Roko Mohr's overall ranking was third place in the first and only race of the Gold Group. Five points separated him from Florian Krauss who had been in the lead from the second day of racing. However by the end of the Championship, Roko Mohr had managed to acquire a twelve point lead. This is the third time that he has won in a German Optimist Championship. In Ribnitz Damgarten (2013) he was the youngest Championj under thirteen (overall: Rank 3) and in Flensburg (2014) the best German (overall: Rank 2). (Text translated from source: Birgitt Müller-Genrich.)

Roko: Best German Optimist sailor at the 2014 IDJüM

Roko at World 2014

As best German optimist sailor, Roko won the Optimist Youngsters Cup (IDJüM) of 2014. By sailing experts he is considered to be the most talented German Optimist sailor. Roko has also won championships in Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Ireland and Finland as the best youngest German Sailor. He also qualified for the Optimist-World Cup 2014 in Argentina.
Growing up in a sailing family his only ambition was to sail. During the Optimist-World Cup in Argentina the star photographer Matias Capizzano took great action photos of Roko, the young blond boy with the big red sunglasses. Unlike “Tactical Sailing” Roko left his boat on shore soaking wet.

Optimist World Championship 2014 © Matias ; © Design
GER WM Team won Bronze in Nations Cup
Roko at Opimist-World 2014

© Matias
Roko Mohr IDJüM 2014
Coach Oliver (Father) and Roko
Valentin Mueller, Roko Mohr, Daniela Bartelheimer
Roko, Alexander, Thimote

Roko: Best German Optimist Sailor at World Championship 2015 in Poland

Roko WM 2015
Light wind at Baltic Sea

Roko's motto for the World Championship was clear: "sail the long leg first". He then gathered indeed a victory, with the series: 18, 3, 1, 5, (39), 11, 17, 39, 11 he reached the Gold Fleet and ended the World Championship with an excellent 25th place. Roko is still young - 12 Years (2015) - and the Top-10-competitors are all older than he is, so he had very experienced competitors from Slovenia, Thailand and Singapore in front of him.

Profile for the World Championship:
Sail number: GER 13512; Boat type: Winner; Sail: One and J Sails
Club: PWV and PYC
German favorite Regatta: German Championship
International Regatta favorite: Asian Championship
Most successful Opti-B Regatta: 1st Place Far East Opti-B Cup
Most successful Opti-A Regatta: 1. German in IDJüM 2014
Best experience in Opti: World Cup 2014 Argentina
When I sat for the first time in Opti: With 5-6 years
Other hobbies: Friends
My favorite subjects: Sports
... And after the Opti ...: Wave Surfing
My personal motto for the World Championship: ... sail the long leg first! :-))))

Team Germany

Roko wins International Optimist Regatta at Kuwait

International Optimist Regatta at Messilah Beach Kuwait 2015

Roko, his brother Mic as well as their friends Abdullah, Khaled and Ali are the winner of Optimist Regatta at Kuwait in 2015.

Top 5 results
Roko gets his price: PS 4
Mic the runner up

Mussanah Race Week 2018 - Oman - The familiy Mohr brothers

Sailing under palms ...

German 2017 national Optimist champion Mic Mohr – brother, incidentally, of Laser Radial racer Roko – led from the start and took the class win ahead of Italy’s Alessandro Cortese and Kuzey Kumlali of Turkey. The best result for an Omani sailor was achieved by Salim Al Alawi who finished 33rd.

Hussain Al Jabri took three race wins on his way to a clear victory in the 27-strong Laser Radial fleet, finishing eight points ahead of Germany’s Roko Mohr with Bahraini sailor Daoud Abdullah a further point behind in third. Ibtisam Al Salmi was the leading female Omani sailor, taking 16th place.

Flyer 2016 / 2017 - Roko Mohr

TS-Press office: Sibylle Merkel; Photos Matias; Birgitt Müller-Genrich