Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Simon Diesch and Philipp Autenrieth

Rang 8 at the European Championship 2019 in San Remo!

Philipp & Simon

A great result for Simon & Philipp! 

Their comment: "Our best ever result in international championships and probably the qualification for the Olympic Test Event (Pre-Olympics) in August!
Thus, we have probably decided the qualifying contest for the German launch site at the pre-Olympic test regatta in late August in Japan (still depends on the decision of the Olympic Sailing Committee). But the nomination will take place after the championships of the other Olympic classes."

Philipp and his brother founded in 2019 next to the practical success of a "Sailing Academy"

Simon & Philipp - 470 German Champions 2016

Philipp und Simon

The 470 German National Champions are helmsman Simon Diesch from Wurttemberg Yacht Club (WYC) and crew Philipp Autenrieth from Bavarian Yacht Club (BYC). The team won with a clear lead after nine qualifying races and the Medal Race. For the 32 teams it was mainly light changeable winds throughout the championship on the Plauer See in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Simon & Philipp - German Champion 2016

"We were not really satisfied with the first day" said Philipp (26). Ranking 2-7-3-12 they had only two good results. The second day was much better resulting in 3-4-1. "It was super to really come to terms with the conditions which increasingly developed well for us throughout that day", said Simon (21). With a 4-1 on the third and penultimate day, Simon and Philipp joined Uti and Frank Thieme the leading Berlin team.

This meant that strategy and tactics in the final race would be decisive. Level on points, both crews started on Tuesday in the Medal Race with the best 10 boats. "Our plan was to put a little pressure on our direct opponents with Match Race tactics then, from the last minute before the start, sail our own thing", said Philipp. The plan worked and Simon and Philipp started fast upwind ahead of the field with 15 to 18 knots (nearly 4 Beaufort) under sunny skies. With 40 metres ahead of their opponents they reached the first mark. At first, due to wind gusts, the other competitors began to gain on them. However at the finish, Simon and Philipp had doubled the distance from their opponents. As first to finish they had won the overall victory. Simon is satisfied with the result. "Sailing with the wind was decisive. Under those conditions you must forget all other opponents and adapt quickly", said Simon ( twice German Junior Champion).

Simon and Philipp announced in September that they will be qualifying for the 470-Team at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Source: extract from Max Rieger's report, press and public relations WYC. Photos GER-11 see also:

Diesch and Autenrieth are good friends of Tactical Sailing

The last crucial race decided the overall winner. “Our plan was to put a little pressure on our direct opponents with Match Race tactics. Sailing with the wind was decisive”, said Philipp and Simon. These comments delighted the “Tactical Sailing” Team as this is exactly our intention, to simulate a game with similar situations that Philipp and Simon experienced as regatta sailors and brought about their German Championship success.
Our first meeting with Philipp and his brother Julian Autenrieth dates back several years. Right from the beginning of “Tactical Sailing” they gave us so many helpful tips in strategy and tactics. Their ideas helped us to transform their sailing experience into our complex computer game with different degrees of difficulties and the “Coach-Toolbox” especially devised for regatta sailing. From the start Julian and Philipp were convinced that “Tactical Sailing” could be a great help to young sailors. We are most grateful that they never failed to promote at all Championships and regattas, at that time the “unknown” computer game “Tactical Sailing”. Their enthusiasm for “Tactical Sailing” has not diminished. “The game is cool. You can learn tactics quickly while having fun”, said Philipp and Julian.

Simon Diesch is also not a newcomer to “Tactical Sailing”. Together with his brother Felix and father, Dr. Eckart Diesch, Olympic Winner and World Champion in Flying Dutchman, the family encountered “Tactical Sailing” at “Interboot 2011” in Friedrichshafen where the game was first publicly presented. All 3 of them were impressed with the “new-tactical-learning-sailing-game” and were immediately willing to support us. They were enthusiastic that the wind can be made visual for coaches thus optimising the use of the wind in training and critical regatta situations. Foto: Tactical Sailing.

The “Tactical Sailing“ Team heard personally from Mathew Belcher, the Australian 470er Olympic Winner 2012, that he used our “Coach-Toolbox” in his preparation for the races. Matt said: “It´s not an easy game. I´m really fascinated.”
To which extent “Tactical Sailing” played a part in Philipp and Simon´s preparations for the German Championships we can only presume. Possibly there was a bit of “Tactical Sailing” with them at the last start. We hope that for the preparations for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 they will use the tactical and strategy tips from our “Coach-Toolbox” and be as successful as Mat was in 2012.

GER 11 Simon & Philipp