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Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


sailing academy (GER)

Philipp & Julian: "Learning tactics while playing"

"The Autenrieth Game" - that's what sailors call "Tactical Sailing" when the computer game was first introduced on the market in 2011. In fact, intensive discussions with Philipp & Julian on topics such as strategy and tactics, the use of exercises and tips, the presentation of typical regatta scenes in the software had a great influence on the first version of the website of "Tactical Sailing". Or maybe the name came from the fact that both of them enthusiastically expressed their enthusiasm in 2011 to coaches from 50 countries during the traditional "Lake Garda - Optimist-Meeting:"

"The World's Best Opti Game!"

Julian can claim that, after all, he was the "World Champion in the Optimist 2006" and said: "This game is awesome! You can learn tactics very fast and it's fun too!"

NEW: Foundation of the ""

In 2019 there will be news from the two Autenrieths - the "" has started. Their website has made them a new platform on the Internet to use modern resources to enhance their knowledge and know-how of successful international regatta sailors, such as: the Australian Mat Belcher. They put together a unique learning platform and pass it on to interested regatta sailors.

But why a sailing academy?

"I tought my self a lot about tactics and strategy when I was sailing Optimist. I even wrote my theses in school about sailing physics. After that I actually wanted to write a book, when Philipp came up with the idea to start writing a blog and take sailing to the 21st century with this platform." 

"With this blog I want to give young sailors the opportunity to find lots of information, experience and advice about sailing. It's all about the amazing lifestyle but also the sacrifices that come with being an athlete."

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Julian in interview with "Tactical Sailing":

We have read many books, ranging from Manfred Curry's "Regatta Tactics" from 1932 to "Die Geometrie des Regattasegelns" by Tilo Schnekenburger, published in 2018. Our coaches Georg Blaschkiewitz (GER) and Zdzislaw Zizi Staniul (POL) have trained my brother Philipp and me - in addition to the sailing theory. They showed us the way to success and its implementation in practice. Strategy and tactics have been our main topics for a long time, they are already interesting for beginners, increase the curiosity about successful racing and are an ability in competitive sports to reach the top 10 rang.

The current topics:

To illustrate the topics selected by Julian and Phillip, video interviews, blogs with their own contributions, downloads with facts on international sailing (multilingual dictionary), as well as recommendations from current literature on strategy and tactics as well as healthy eating.
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