Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Heinz Nixdorf Verein - Academy

Joachim Hellmich: "The Coach's Tools are extremely useful for training at the HNV-Academy."

Joachim (Jocky) Hellmich

"It was a great start for the HNV-Academy, which began on the weekend of the 24.-25.3.2017. Perfect weather, super teams, excellent mastering of the boats and interesting discussions. My thanks are given to all". Joachim (Jocky) coached the juniors personally. On the lake he coached with the new motor boat (a converted Catamaran) alongside the J / 70s. In the seminar room he gave valuable tips emerging from his highly successful sailing career. World Champion in class "Europe", his commitment to the preparations for the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games as well as being Coach to the German National "Starboat" Team. Being Project Manager for the German Sailing Champions League means he also has a vast amount of experience of League-sailing with the J / 70. With his great enthusiasm for tactical sailing, he is now passing this knowledge on to the Juniors (16-21) of the newly founded HNV-Academy.
For example: Success or failure, being first to round the windward mark "... Begins 10 minutes before the start", explains Jocky to his Juniors at the Tactic Seminar on Mac. (See interesting tips as Video-Clip).

Tactical tips from Jocky - discussion with the participants

Jocky teaching tactics

Promoting Sailing

The Heinz Nixdorf Club for the Promotion of Sailing Inc. (HNV) has founded the Heinz-Nixdorf Verein-Academy with a training centre for young sailors interested in League- Sailing. Their aim is to encourage motivated young people to try the new League-Sailing. Club crews are instructed and have a measurably improved peformance through tactical training and competitions, also for participants of the German Junior Sailing League. The boats used are J / 70s and are sailed on the Möhne-See, Diecker Becken. Request for courses from Joachim Hellmich: .

Concept of HNV-Academy

SAP Sailing Analytics

With the help of "SAP Sailing Analytics" an up to date regatta can be followed "live". By observing the sequences of events - including any team errors - this regatta can be retrospectively analysed. The supplied factual information e.g. Video recordings and GPS-Tracker offer good opportunities for purposeful discussions whereby a much higher learning effect is achieved. For example: SAP Sailing Analytics - Race 5 - Sa. 30.4.2016.

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Tactical Sailing Simulations


The Simulation Software of "Tactical Sailing's - Coach's Toolbox", works on the principle of "looking ahead". By using examples from circumstances in previous regattas, we can simulate situations in preparation for the questions ... What is when? ... How should I react? ... What happens when?
For example: how should a team react when an incalculable emergency suddenly arises on the water? Such situations can be caused by a sudden windshift or an unexpected manoeuvre from an opponent's boat.
The "Tactical Sailing - Wind Simulator" has also been developed with the "looking ahead" principle. This approach is very similar to the Flight Simulator used for instructing pilots in their theoretical training. The trainee pilot is placed in a situation to which he must perfectly react without delay. This can only be simulated on the ground and repeated until he reacts automatically. Therefore, he is instructed by simulation on how to take off, various manoeuvres in flight and landing. Only after completing this training will he be allowed to take control of a plane.

With "Tactical Sailing" the participants of the HNV-Courses train tactical situations with a virtual J / 70 on PC/Mac. With over 30 tips - and always under difficult and changing wind conditions, standard situations can be simulated. With the "Coach's Toolbox", the sailor has the possibility to train with our "Wind Simulator". Also J / 70 opponent boats are an important element of the training programms on the PC. In the modus "Boat Against Boat" it is possible for young profi-sailors to repeatably practice any manoeuvre until proficient. With up to 10 boats each phase of a race can be trained, the start, various manoeuvres round buoys and through the finish line. Needless to say, for League-Sailing participants special scenes have been added on the PC/Mac for extra training purposes. A Short Track as Fleet Race is sailed - and the best sailor is determined.

Tactical Sailing - virtual J / 70 Model for training on PC / Mac

The Boat Simulator

Tacking, jibing, luffing and bearing away - with the J / 70 you can have great fun with regatta sailing and experience Match and Fleet Races. You sail your J / 70 and Tactical Sailing's "Boat Simulator" by means of the Polar-Diagram by adjusting the main sail, fore sail and gennaker to the optimal wind.

Speed all directions
Downwind max. at 135°
Downwind max. at 225°
Wind shift of + 15°
Wind shift of + 20°
Wind shift of + 30°

The "Wind Simulator"

Our "Wind Simulator" works on a similar principle. It renders possible various training situations which occur on the water. How should a sailor train when "shifting winds" are on his day's training plan, but there is no wind on the water? With the "Wind Simulator" it is possible to train various manoeuvres on the computer, with virtual wind.
"Tactical Sailing's - Wind Simulator" has achieved the perfect facility on the PC for training tactical situations in advance: the start, manoeuvres during a regatta, (e.g.: shifting winds, complying on the buoys, reacting to opponents boats) - and how to pass the finish line. Of course each situation can be repeated as often as required, until the sailor can automatically react. Only then can he bring his theoretical training into practice on the water. In addition, for expert "sailing freaks", we have several very interesting and highly specialised simulations. Once again we have the question ... What is when? ... But this time we have gone into the relation between "Reward and Risk" as well as "Gain and Loss".

Starting line
Long leg - short leg
Zone and overlapping
Tactic on a beat

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Die J / 70 Flotte der HNV-Academy

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Die Segel-Bundesliga mit J / 70 Booten


Flyer for boat show in Düsseldorf "bootz 2018" - J/70 German Class Association

Flyer for boat show in Düsseldorf "bootz 2018" - J/70 German Class Association