Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Dziwnow (POL) Baltic sea

The race area at Dziwnow / Polen

However the world championship in Dziwnów (Poland) brought about various circumstances, which proved contrary to the expectations for most of the competing nations. The light wind, the current, ceaseless waiting ashore and that the Gold Fleet did not have a single start without a general recall under the “Black Flag”. The constant changing wind made the field completely inconsistent. This meant that in the Gold Group no sailors succeeded in finishing any two races among the top 10… - highly complex wind conditions! However after waiting patiently 3 days for wind the competitors were well rewarded when it finally arrived.

Optimist World Champion 2015: Rok Verderber

Rok Verderber
World Champion 2015

The World Champion 2015 comes from Slovenia. Right from the outset Rok´s convincing number of outright wins eliminated all other competitors from any chance of winning the much wanted world title. The four day wins secured him a lead of 28 points. In second place was Jodie Lai from Singapore, the only female competitor in the top ten fleet and third was Mathias Berthet from Norway.
From the beginning Rok´s succession of wins 1-5-1-1-1-2-3-4 (65) gave him the confidence in his capability to win the championship. After the qualifying rounds Rok Verderber (SLO 2307) already led with 9 points, followed by Suthon Yampinid (TH 2243) from Thailand with 19 points and Jodie Lai (SIN 117) from Singapore with 26 points. Photos: © Copyright 2015 || Robert Hajduk.

Optimist World Champion 2015 - Rok explained his various tactics on PC

Rok explained his various tactics on a PC

For the new World Champion Rok “Tactical Sailing” was almost routine. Just like on the water he beat all the other players. This was not surprising, because over a period of months Rok and his trainer Sinija Hrvatin concentrated their training tactics on land by use of “Tactical Sailing” and “Coach Toolbox”. Rok explained his various tactics and advice on the game to his teammates who listened attentively. To pass this experience on to others proves him to be a real World Champion with team spirit.

Coach Zizi Staniul at the PC - Fun with his Suiss team

Zizi Staniul

During the 3 days ashore there were lots of interesting activities. After the most important preparation for the races, some sailors collected autographs from other competitors from all over the world. Others built a tower with Lego bricks or took part in a paintball contest to colourfully eliminate their opponents. “Tactical Sailing” was as usual the main attraction for the kids. They were willing to wait in the long queue in front of them, made up from teams from Switzerland, Singapore and Spain who turned out to be “regular customers”. Here was a great opportunity even without wind to try out their tactical skills.
Even Zizi Staniul, the best Optimist-Coach at world level had great fun with his Swiss Team with “Tactical Sailing”. There were “crashes and protests” with penalty turns and rights of way on the starboard tack. With the “Coach´s Toolbox” it is possible for 4 people to play Fleet-, Match- and Team-Races together. By observing the smiling faces and laughter from the children it was good to see that “Tactical Sailing” is great fun for young and old.


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Best wind for training at Tactical Sailing on a PC

Optimist Team

"... come & play for free at "Winner Team Tent""

Meeting point at Winner Team tent

Team Germany

Marina Dziwnow