Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Fraglia Vela Riva (ITA) Lake Garda

Opti- World Champion: Jia Yi Loh (SIN);
The runner-up: Nils Sternbeck (GER);
Edward Tan (SIN) in third place.

Nils, Jia Yi, Edward

The new Optimist World Champion Jia Yi Loh (SIN) confidently secured the title for himself with just 13 points in a total of 10 races. The runner-up, Nils Sternbeck (GER), eked out second place with 40 points. Nils displayed a very good performance in the first days, constantly sitting in second place on the results table. However, on the last day, he caused the German team to tremble. On the morning before the begin of the last race, 17 points separated him from his third placed counterpart, Edward Tan (SIN). Throughout the day, this gap shrank to one point. In the end, Edward Tan reached the winner's podium in third place.

Teams SIN und GER

The Singapore and German teams and their coaches Fernando Alegre (SIN) and Geeske Genrich (GER) met for a friendly photo shoot with Tactical Sailing. Along with the numerous fans from Europe, we now have new friends and contacts in Asia with Coach Fernando and his team.

Singapore (SIN) is also Optimist World Team Race Champion 2013

The team from Singapore is World Champion, 2nd Place went to the team from Italy.

World Champion in Team Race: SIN
Coach and sailors: SIN
SIN with Vize Champion: ITA
Friends: ITA-SIN

Tactical Sailing Team meets coaches from all over the world

The daily "Coach Meetings” were interesting opportunities to converse with the coaches and inform them about the Tactical Sailing Coach's Toolbox. Over 50 coaches from all over the world are now working in their homelands with the Coach's Toolbox. The preparation for "Team Race" received special attention from Chris Atkins. He explained the meaning of the "special number 18," in order to achieve the strategy and tactics needed to win the team race. The Coach's Toolbox offers three Team Race scenarios to practice for beginner, intermediate and professional sailors. For further information, click here.

Tactical Sailing on Mac
CAN Tine Moberg-Parker
USA Moore Trevor
World Sailing Chris Aktins

Meet international Teams


GER sailors achieve Top Ten results

© Birgitt Müller-Genrich

Nils Sternbeck (GER 13205) constantly on the 2nd Place overall - behind the leading LOH JIA YI (SIN 115) from Singapore. The GER team achieve Top Ten results, see final results at Fraglia del Riva.

Nils Sternbeck
Deike Bornemann
Lukas Hesse
Linus Klasen
Paul Feldhusen

 GER-Team in wading pool

© Birgitt Müller-Genrich
Wading pool
Paul, Linus, Deike, Nils, Lukas

Photo - Gallery of Opti World Championship 2013

Opti-World Championship 2013- the world best sailors from 58 nations

58 nations

A record number of 58 nations have competed at Opti World Championship 2013 at Lake Garda (ITA) with 259 sailors. Delegations from e.g. Brazil, Singapore, USA, Sweden, Russia, Ukraina, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Olanda, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand came to Riva del Garda. Italy has lined up a team after a long selection process which lasted for 21 trials. Eyes will be on countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Israel. They have been making giant steps forward in their technical level and results achieved over the past few years.

See picture galleries of two professional photographers, click to view:


Opti Meeting 2012

1073 Optis from 27 Countries at Lake Garda Meeting 2012

© Tactical Sailing

Champions in Fleet Race: Boat Against Boat

Campbell BER1008
Ludvig SWE 390
Matilda BER 1111
Joshua SUI 1585
Levente HUN 1284
Best time 1:04.3

1. Campbell        BER 1008     1:04,3
2. Ludvig            SWE 390      1:06,9
3. Matilda           BER 1111     1:08,2
4. Joshua           SUI 1585      1:08,4
5. Levente          HUN 1284     1:10,9

Boat Against Boat

Times: 1:11.4 and 1:06.9
Times: 1:07.6 and 1:08.4
Times: 1:12.5 and 1:09.2
Times: 1:09.5 and 1:16,3
Times: 3:40.9 and 3:58,2 Wind 7x7
Times: 1:14.5 and 1:13.4
Times: 1:39.8 and 1:59.6 Wind 8x8
Hitting the buoy - Protest

855 Optis at Lake Garda Meeting 2011

© Tactical Sailing

Ofer S., father of Junior Omry: "It was a pleasure for the young sailors to use your Tactical Sailing S/W at the regatta - they are continuing to play with it daily."

Ido and Tomer the winners of Tactical Sailing-Regatta: Lake Garda- Vento

Tomer, Omry, Ido, Paul
The Winner


1. Ido        ISR 352        3:44,9
2. Nicolas  ITA 7270       3:50,8
3. Filip       FIN 383        3:52,2
4. Adrian   SWE 4301    3:52,6

1. Tomer   ISR 313        3:31,8
2. Omry    ISR 322        3:35,6
3. Henrik  SWE 4299    3:39,0
4. Emilia   FIN   483      3:54,9

Best time 3:35,6
Best time 3:39,4
Best time 3:44,5
Best time 3:47,5 Disqualified for touching 2 buoys

Winners and Prize Ceremony of the Tactical Sailing Regatta:
Henrik, Nicolas, Tomer, Ido, Filip, Emilia, Adrian and Omry

Gamepad, or mouse

The Tactical Sailing Team was in Riva for the XXIX LAKE GARDA MEETING OPTIMIST CLASS 21 on 24 April 2011.Opti kids played on the computer and could also sail a Tactical Sailing Regatta: Lake Garda - Vento (Northwind). They achieved best times!
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