Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


German Touring Yacht-Club (DTYC) - Lake Starnberg

Norbert Wagner (DTYC): Coach of German Champion 2015 and 2016 as well as Sailing Champion 2016

Norbert Wagner

As an active player, Norbert Wagner has won almost everything that can be gained in regattasport - the coronation was the participation in the Olympic Games in Munich. He is now the coach of the Tutzing DTYC, which he has shaped as a German champion within two years. Extract in German language from Süddeutsche-Zeitung 26.08.2016. ... Even the 80-year-old is no longer racing regattas, but as a coach he is not less successful. And he sends the youngest team of the league to the start, which is important to him, youth work is his hobby. ... When team manager Mike Tarabocchia asked him if he wanted to support him as a coach, one thing was clear for Wagner: "It was a prerequisite for a youth and a junior concept," he did not want to coach experienced sailors, but talents "to this kind of regattasport to the be bound to the club."

Team of DTYC - Tutzing at Lake Starnberg

Sailing Champion League 2016 - The Winner
DTYC-Team 2017

The "Star Tactician" - Paddo - Patrick Follmann

Patrick Follmann

TEAMCAPTAIN Paddo Follmann.
Paddo is not only the only member of the team with his own Wikipedia entry and a participation in Olympic Games, but he has also brain as well as biceps.
This rare combination makes him our "Star Tactician".

Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga started 2013 at DTYC

Peter Bauer (DTYC)

Peter Bauer, Vorsitzender des DTYC, eröffnet als Gastgeber die Deutsche Segel-Bundesliga. Wettfahrtleiter Wolfgang Stückl (rechts im Bild) legt den Kurs für die insgesamt 18 teilnehmenden Vereine. Die Teams sind erfahrene Regattasegler, allen voran Jochen Schümann, der für den Yachtclub Berlin-Grünau (YCBG) startet. An Bord bei ihm ist der jüngste Teilnehmer Philipp Löwe (YCBG), er ist mit 14 Jahren gerade aus dem Opti umgestiegen und segelt jetzt mit Jochen auf einer J-70. Beim Team des Württemberger Yacht-Club (WYC) steuert Stefanie Rothweiler (2x EM 470er) und Felix Diesch ist als Taktiker an Bord. Sowohl Jochen als auch Philipp und Felix kennen den Spass mit dem Taktikspiel und den Nutzen der Trainerbox von Tactical Sailing.
Das erste Kräftemessen der 18 Segelvereine gewann der Yachtclub Berlin-Grünau um Skipper Jochen Schümann. Auf den Plätzen zwei und drei folgen punktgleich der Gastgeber Deutscher Touring Yacht-Club mit Skipper Maximilian Weiß und der Württembergische Yacht-Club mit Skipperin Stefanie Rothweiler; nur die bessere Platzierung des DTYC im letzten Rennen gab den Ausschlag. Weitere Infos und Bilder siehe

Fritz Hauger (DTYC): Right of Way and Tactical Rules

Tutzing German Touring Yacht Club (DTYC)

Fritz Hauger frequently offers seminars on World Sailing Racing Rules. For members of DTYC in Tutzing at Lake Starnberg, the tactical rules rules are interesting as well. Philipp Autenrieth presented the subject "Start" using our Coach-Box. Rule 10:25, Lay lines and sailing the longer leg first are also covered in his lesson. After listening, all the kids present - between 8 and 80 - had the chance to try out the game.