Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Neustadt Sailing Club (NSV) Germany

Sailor's Winter Meeting 2013 in Neustadt via Skype

The Neustadt Sailing Club's (NSV) Wednesday Night Race sailors in north of Germany are already preparing themselves for the new season. Even in the winter they are sailing up north, if only on the PC.

For this reason, Rasmus Linde invited the sailors from the NSV to a video presentation about training and regatta game software via Skype. Paul Gerbecks, himself a long-time H-Boat regatta sailor and developer of the training and regatta game software "Tactical Sailing," demonstrated to 40 sailors how one can also sail in the winter with sailing boats in PC regattas, and thereby learn a lot about tactics and racing rules. A video conference bridged the 900 km gap between Neustadt and Munich without a problem. The speaker sat in Munich in front of his PC, and was broadcasted to Neustadt via Skype and an Internet connection. A laptop with Skype, a large television or projector, an Internet connection – or in this case, just a cellular phone – were the technical requirements.

Rasmus Linde after the event: "The presentation was technically convincing, entertaining, informative, and descriptive!"
Tammo K: "Ahoy, I am a NSV member and was able to experience the exciting "Skype" presentation during our "Wednesday Night Race – Winter Meeting." It's fantastic, what is possible today. The software convinced me right away."
Björn M.: "I thought that it was a really great campaign. The software "Tactical Sailing" seems really exciting. I am already looking forward to the CD."
Berthold P.: "It was very interesting and technically accomplished great."

For more information about the NSV, which, amongst other distinctions, received the "Club of the Year" award, see (in German).

The Wednesday Night Race: Marks at position 54° 04,35‘ N ; 10° 48,25‘ E

Starting method: "Kangaroo start", start time see table on a poster in the NSV club house. It must be started by the exact second clock. Control the starter on subsequent ships, no start ship. Early starters will be informed by acclamation or tooting on their early start. In case of "On Course Side (OCS)" you must start by turning a buoy restart otherwise be disqualified. Normal (Course N): Start: T3/T6 then: T4 St, RT Po P'hk South Po, T4 Po, T2 St, RT St, Finish: T3/T6. St: means mark remains starboard, Po: Port side.

Example of course incl. racing buoy at "Pelzerhaken Sud"

Award: Club of the Year 2012


At "Hanseboot" - a the boat fair - the Neustadt Seglerverein Association was recognized for his exemplary youth work as a "DSV Association of the Year 2012." The Coach Heike Gercken, the president Detlef Goepfert and many of those present young sailors of the association could use the NSV flag under great applause on stage of Hanseboot Arena, they "board" to refer to the certificate and a complete brand new racing Opti from Far East Boats in receiving. Sources. and Segler-Zeitung news.

Rolf Schuberth (NSV) - best German at H-Boot World Championship

Neustadt - the navel of the H-Boat World *
"Small harbor quite large: from August 5 to 11 , the Neustadt´s unique around shaped harbor became the center of the H-Boat World, because of the quiet place in which 60 of the three-man keel boats go from ten nations on title hunt." * Source from "Segler-Zeitung", 18.07.2011.
Strong to stormy winds and unusually low temperatures dominated the world championship week on the Bay of Neustadt. After 9 races determined the winner - the world champion speaks Danish! The team Høj Jensen could take the lead from the start of the field, and defended it until the final day. The 2nd goes to Peulen the team from the Netherlands, 3 rd was the Sweden team Edman. The hosts showed their skill, the best German in 10th Place was local hero Rolf Schuberth (NSV) and his crew (GER 1673) .