Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Yacht-Club Seeshaupt Lake Starnberg (YCSS), Munich

Nils Sternbeck wins Opti Race 2013

Nils Sternbeck
GER - WM Team 2013

Nils Sternbeck (YCSS) and Lukas Hesse (SRV) fought to required courses at the "Opti-Race 2013" in the Seeshaupter bay. Nils won with a "home advantage" on Lake Starnberg just before Lukas, who had traveled from Lake Chiemsee, followed by Catherine Bartelheimer (SCIA) on the 3rd Place. The result was close, but not surprising for a total of more than 40 A-Optimists, because Nils and Lukas proved so clear as their current strength. Both are in fact members of the "Optimist World Championship Team in 2013," which will sail in July at Riva on Lake Garda against international competition. There was continuous rain with more than 100 liters per square meter, but fortunately also 2-3 Bft wind from NW, the race officer Norbert Blankenhagen could perform the races for A-and B-Optimists.

Team Race Exercise

After the regatta at the Optimist Prize in the Spring of 2013, the fun continued with Tactical Sailing in the YCSS's warm clubhouse - "Sailing dry," playing on the computer with the game "Team-Race." The "bellowing" for "Room" and "Protest" was unmistakable for all present. Here you can see Nils and Lukas steering their boats - this time on a keyboard - against each other, as well as as a team to practice for the World Championships on Lake Garda.

fully concentrated ...
Nils and Lukas
together in a Team Race

H-Boat Race

Florian Hock is the winner of the 3x3 Wind Game: Best Time 2:53,6

Florian Hock 2:53,6
Carl Lidl 2:55,8
Finn Kenter 3:11,1
Carlo Mäge 3:16,8

Carlo Maege, Jakob Elfinger, Ulrich Tibes, Carl-Peter Altwickler,
Christian Drobik, Thomas Kausen, Finn Kenter and Florian Hock playing and exercising tactically!

Gabi & Carlo Maege
Carlo Maege
Finn Kenter, Jakob Elfinger
Ulrich Tibes, Carl-Peter Altwickler,
Christian Drobik
Thomas Kausen
Finn Kenter, Herwig Paretzke
Tactical Sailing
Florian Hock, Finn Kenter
Florian Hock, Finn Kenter,
Florian Hock, Finn Kenter, Paul Gerbecks
Tactical Sailing

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Yacht-Club Seeshaupt Lake Starnberg, Munich (YCSS)

Workshop 2011: Play, Learn and Have Fun!


Theory Training for Opti Liga, Opti B, Opti A, Laser and 29er.

1) Tactical Sailing Game: 1x1, 2x2, ... 8x8 turbulent wind
2) Regatta Tactics: Start, speed, sail the long tack first
3) Wind &Weather
4) Racing Rules