Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."



For Rookie, Amateure And Regatta Sailors


Peter Hoag (California, USA): "Sailing tactics have always been the weakest part of my sailing experience and I've found that from my first evening's use of your simulator - I'm actually "improving"! :-)

Julian Autenrieth: ”I can also win with the 8x8 wind ;-) With a turbulent tiled wind I didn’t win straightaway –only after the third time. There I had the lead the entire last leg =).”

Kay Niederfahrenhorst: "I think that this program can be an absolute help for anyone, who wants to enter regatta sailing as a rookie or an amateure sailor."

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A Game Against the Wind " ... it’s a lot of fun”

Dagmar B.: "My boys (8 and 10 years) are really keen on it."
Alfons H. (65): "Great game- totally good."
Rodriogo F. (Brazil): "... [We] think it´s a pretty cool game and decided to practice a bit here (in Sao Paulo)."
Michelle G. (New Zealand): ... [F]un game - has kept me playing all afternoon!
Norbert B.: “[T]his version is really great. It took a moment before I understood the range of functions in this game, but then I played for a while and kept finding new things that were really fun. All in all a great thing . . . my overall assessment: [S]uper- it’s a lot of fun.”
Marvin F.: "This is a great idea... I will spend more time playing the game."
Kristian W. "Racing to Cup Formetore is great fun!! Today I arrived first - lucky day - at all the buoys in front of the other boat, but in the end I was second to cross the finish line! What did I do wrong on the last tack towards the finish line?"
Harry M.: "I am not a gamer, but here, I love playing. My adrenalin level rises, if the other boat is ahead - like in a real sailing race!"

Regatta Sailing

Stephan S.: "I really like the concept and content of your software."
Comment from an Opti-Mother Michelle M.: My son plays regularly and has fun. He won Far East Storkow and came in 3rd at Optimal Cup. He is number 1 in each race in U 10 Ranking ... I believe your game is helping him to do so.
Comment from an Opti-Father Timon G.: "Your program is great - especially the graphics. The wind shifts can be explained really well to racing beginners. Keep on going - I could have make use of your program 30 years ago, when I was an Opti kid." 
Michael H.: ". . . the Optis are top! :-).”
Viktor M.: "I sail the Opti and am really more interested in the regatta simulation."
Hartmut P.: ". . . intuitive operation . . . regatta on the Kiel Fjords with both types of wind variations. Lennart B. (49er): ". . . the top view is great, I like your program in many ways."
Peter S. (Korsar): ". . . the gridlines show you immediately where you are in relationship to your opponent according to windward (upwind) if the wind turns."
Kay N.: "Tactical Sailing makes the complexity of the wind for the regatta sport understandable for everyone in only a few hours. Many people think that the other boats determine success or failure in a regatta, but the real “enemy” is the wind that never blows consistently."

Tactical Tips

Have you learned anything from the trainings? Which exercises do you like the best?
Viktor M.: "I have learned a lot through the trainings and I like the inside position exercise no. 1 the best."
Michael H. (Korsar, Opti trainer): ". . . first of all, the wind determines your tactics, then there is a change of tactics: Be able to concentrate on your opponent!"
Rolf W. (Int. 806): ". . . naturally I just let it run and I am totally thrilled how well tactics are explained."
Norbert B. (Dyas, 29er coach): " . . . basically I find the idea good. The tactical exercises would surely be easily integrated into a theory hour."
Peter S. (Korsar, coach): "The animation of lay lines is great, much better as any pin board with magnetic boats and buoys: You can’t draw it all on- here you can see the plans of action before your eyes. This increases attention, concentration, and learner success."

Windows-PC, MacOS*, LinusOS

Clearly, the regatta simulations run on your computer system. Do you use Mac or PC?
Axel V.: ". . . PC with Windows XP Service Pac 3."
Bernd B.: ". . . Using Java, I could load your beautiful simulations from your links problem free onto my old computer."
Peter Z. ". . . thanks a lot, it works flawlessly!"
Viktor M.: "I use Windows XP and the browser Google Chrome."
Kay N.: "Laptop with Windows XP Service Pack 3 und MS-Explorer 6.0."
Jan G.: "I work on a MacBook* under OS X 10.6.6 with Java"
Laura G. "MacBookAir* OS X 10.6.6 and Java (Initial and after an update I have"

Java Standard Edition

Did you already have Java installed on your computer, or were you able to download it without problems?
Julian A.: "The program works well! It is not a problem on a Mac."
Axel V.: ". . . my Java was old, when I clicked on "RegattaDemonstration.jnlp", nothing happened. The newest version of Java was easy to download and now the program runs!"
Toni S.: ". . . I had a variety of Java apps installed on my computer. The one I needed here I had to download. I had no problems with it."
Viktor M.: "I had no problems whatsoever when downloading."
Carl L.: "My MacBook* has Mac OS X 10.5.8. It does NOT allow to update from Java 1.5 to Java 1.6x!"
Ulrike L.: I have Java 12.5.0 installed - petty can not run an update*"
Laura G. "MacBookAir* OS X 10.6.6 and Java (Initial and after an update I have"
Jan G.: "I work on a MacBook* under OS X 10.6.6 with Java"

* Mac OS if your Mac can update to an up to date Java-Version, minimum