Strategie und Taktik

Philipp und Julian Autenrieth: "Die beste Taktik und Strategie entscheiden, da Boote und äußere Bedingungen mehr oder weniger für alle gleich sind. Wer das Beste aus diesen Faktoren macht, gewinnt."


Jon Emmett (GBR)

Jon Emmett: Be Your Own Tactics Coach

Jon Emmett

Jon: "I had a look at Tactical Sailing Coach box, the starting and the racing scene with 5 boats, I thought it was very good."

Jon Emmett 49er Olympic Sailing Campaign and laser coaching.

In 2009 Jon Emmett won the UK National Championships and the Radial Europa Cup series. Unfortunately, 2010 was a year of injury which saw Jon recovering from a torn hamstring in the spring before breaking his arm at the end of the summer, forcing him to miss the Autumn World Qualifers. However he still managed a very respectable 2nd at UK National Championships, 3rd in the Europa Cup series and 9th at the World Championships. Jon is the UKLA Training Officer. You can download application forms for the UKLA training here. Jon recently wrote his first book "Be Your Own Sailing Coach", which has over 4500 fans on Facebook. There is now also a "Be Your Own Sailing Coach" group, where Jon posts live feeds from regattas that he is coaching. Click here to become a member! Check out the jonemmettsailing channel on youtube! Jon coached Lijia Xu from China at the Olympic test event. BREAKING NEWS: JON'S NEW BOOK BE YOUR OWN TACTICS COACH IS OUT NOW, BUY IT HERE!