Strategy and Tactic

Philipp and Julian Autenrieth: "The best tactic and strategy decide the outcome, while the boat and the conditions are more or less the same for everyone.  Whoever can make the best out of these conditions, wins."


Uli Finckh (GER)

"Sailing a full racing course with Tactical Sailing on a PC/Mac is fun."

Uli Finckh
Play the Rules
Opti Team Race

"Honestly, you only have to learn 11 rules. These are "World Sailing Rules" 10 to 21, which are fundamental for every sailor," Uli said in an interview with Tactical Sailing. See all features of Coach´s Toolbox here.

Play the Rules

Uli Finckh is known to sailors around the world as an expert in racing and rules par excellence – he is the "pope of rules!" See his website on "Play the Rules" an interactive game that he designed and developed. It is so popular that it has been translated into 11 languages. See

Basic principles on tactics for sail racing

His seminars and speeches not only govern rules for sailors, but also basic principles on tactical sailing. In addition, he posts practical tips in rhyming poems for easy learning. On top of it all, he is a practitioner, a successful sailor for many years. As a helmsman he was a cup winner in many national and international boat classes, including the Opti, dragon and others. Uli is member of the German Association for Sailors (Deutscher Segler Verband) and also a classified umpire of the "World Sailing" - International Sailing Federation. He was on duty in many international regatta meetings, e.g. the Director of Sports and Chief Umpire at "Warnemünde Week" in Northern Germany.

"Leifi" - The Physics Learning System

Physics Learning System

Uli Finckh doesn't only shine in sailing but also in another discipline: Physics. He was a teacher in physics and mathematics in a high school near Munich. He introduced a physics learning system called "Leifi": for students to prepare their exams. More than 25,000 students visit his website per day and learn his exercises on a computer. He not only presents a task – he also presents solutions step by step. "Leifi" is a collection of tasks for pupils and students, which was developed over 10 years of experience by Uli Finckh (65) and his college friend Ernst Leitner(66). Both teachers were winners of the 2011 of the "Georg-Kerschensteiner-Prize", which was given to them by the "German Physics Union (DPG)" for the concept and realization of "Leifi's" multimedia learning system.