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Coach´s Toolbox

Coaching - use prepared exercises and shape them yourself
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Dragan Gasic
Lutz Kirchner
George Blaschkiewitz
Beginners - Luv up
Beginners - Tack - Jibe
Risk zones
Gain and Loss
Wind sytem-2
Startphase - 10 boats
Team Race Four players
Sailing Champions League

The Coach's Toolbox is an important extension for the complete program of "Tactical Sailing - Games&Tips". Naturally, all other sailors wanting to perfect their knowledge in strategy and tactics in order to be optimally prepared for the coming regattas, can use it as well.
With the toolbox, you receive over 30 prepared scenarios "ready to run", which you can use to practice as a beginner or expand your sailing capabilities at any time. For beginner you learn basic knowledge, luv up, bear away, tack, jibe or optimise boat speed. Four sailors - four boats (Multiplayer) can sail a regatta in Fleet-, Match- and Team race as well as Sailing Champions League format. Regattatraining with different wind strengths selectable, wind 1x1 to 8x8, constant or random, shifting and oscillating with gusts and lulls.
Up to 10 boats are your competitors in tactical exercises at the start, the buoys and the finish line. Many qualified coaches already use this special Coach's Toolbox in their work with the "Tactical Sailing" program. Through use of the various animations, attention and concentration are verifiably boosted, and the single sequences can be individually changed as needed. The toolbox is a very effective tool at one's disposal for the design of seminars, lectures and workshops for all educational levels.

Sailing for Beginners- Basic knowledge for steering a sailboat:
- First steps: Steering a boat
- Luv up and Bear away
- Tack and Jibe
- Sailing against the wind - beating
- Speed: Bearing away and luffing up
- Using wind direction and strength
- Maneuvering with multiple boats
- Right of Way rules

Fundamentals of sailing a regatta on various wind conditions
- Strategy and Tactic against the wind
- Set your own course, starting and finishing lines, marks
- Set your wind conditions, 9 different wind regions (Wind 3x3)
- Strong and light wind
- Wind shifts, perssitent shifts, oszilating wind
- Gusts, lulls

Fundamentals of sailing a regatta and tactical situations from start to finish:
- Starting line with preferred side
- Starting line with On Course Side (OCS) control
- First beat
- Skewed course
- Windward and leeward marks
- Field tactics for upwind and downwind
- Zone and overlapping
- Long leg and lay lines
- Speed and pointing
- Finish line

Special tactical situations for Experts - "Tactic Against the Wind"
- Chance of shortcut
- Risk of extention
- Gain and Loss
- Calculation of facts
- Risk zones
- The "safty Diamond"
- The "Switch Point"
- Distance Made Good (DMG)
- Concentric circles
- Virtual Wind system-2 for experts
- Wind shifts (continuouisly, ad-hoc)

Special tactical situations - "Tactic Boat Against Boat"
- Multi Player 10 boats
- Starting Phase - 10 boats competing
- Windward mark - 10 boats competing
- Leeward mark - 10 boats competing
- Gate - Right of Way
- Protest and Jury
- Fleet Race
- Match Race
- Speed - Velocity Made Good - VMG and VMC
(See screenshots below)

Regatta training for Four boats - Four sailors to start (Multi-Player 4 players):
Fleet-, Match and Team Race, Sailing Champions League.
(see screenshots below)
- Several exercise levels Wind 1x1 to 4x4
- Starting Phase with count down and On Course side control(OCS)
- Windward mark
- Leeward mark
- Zone and overlapping
- Mark room
- Right of Way
- Protest and Jury
- Regattatraining with different wind strengths selectable,
- Wind 1x1 to 8x8, constant or random with gusts and lulls.
- My Race - lay out your own course, 6 buoys, 4 boats.

Gusts and Lulls in Wind 1x1
Gusts and Lulls in Wind 4x4
Match Race 4 boats
My Race, 6 buoys, 4 boats

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Special Races and Exercises

Course in S-Form
Team Race Game

"Team Race" - for four boats - "Two on Two."

Tactical Sailing has made this Team Race available because, in many respects, “it’s fun,” and it increases the “learning effect,” even if it’s only small teams, such as “Two on Two.” These are two answers from Chris Atkins, Chief Umpire IODA Team Racing European Ledro 2008. Team Race is developed for four boats – Two on Two. The buoys are to be rounded on either starboard or port side. The sequence Start-1-2-3-4-Finish Line corresponds to the course in a “Q or S” form, which is used at world and national championships. The wind conditions are "Wind 1x1" for beginners and "Wind 4x4" advanced sailors. The starting procedure begins with the countdown; the time can vary as desired between 1 and 6 minutes.

"Sailing Champion League" - 4 Boats - 4 clubs training for the league

League 15 minutes flight
League 4 boats
League 2 boats

We have developed various Regatta situations especially for "Sailing League". This simulation, with different levels of difficulty for tactical training, was developed in preparation for Club Championships. As in a real regatta the "Up and Down" courses are sailed with a One Design J/70. The "Tactical Sailing-Model" of the virtual J/70 was developed on the basis of a polar diagram of a J/70, thus making it identical to a real J/70. Regattas can be sailed with 2 or 4 boats (Modus: "Boat against Boat"). A sparring partner is steered by the PC's "Autopilot", for comparison with the course of the sailor's own boat (Modus: "Game Against the Wind"). The wind has a format of "1x1" and "4x4", but can be individually adjusted to specific sailing conditions for training purposes. In compliance with the "Sailing League Rules", a sailing time limit of 15-20 minutes has been set. The "Tactical Sailing Simulator" has developed a complete race, covering various laps, in keeping with this time limit. With constant changing wind conditions, through a random generator, each race sets new demands on the sailor right at the starting line. These so-called "15 Minute Flights" are very challenging, and necessitate full concentration and a high tactical skill. The training accomplishment of a sailor in the J/70 can be recorded with a "Tracking Line System" for later analysis and assessment. For example: the course that was chosen, active, maximal and average boat speed. Also the number of tacks and jibes required. In the Menu: "Boat" all these options can be displayed and selected.

Multi Player - exercises with 10 boats

The coach can let sail 6 boats at tactical positions and on predetermined routes (visible or hidden).
Another 4 sailors then actively and tactically try to start with their 4 boats, approaching the upwind or downwind mark, or to round a Lee Gate, and to head for the goal.

Count down - 1 minute to go
Start with 10 boats on time
Approaching Lee Gate
Finish line with 10 Boats

Velocity Made Good: Optimized speed against the wind (VMG) and towards course (VMC)

Tactic disc VMG
Tactic disc VMC

The simulation of "Velocity Made Good towards "Wind" (VMG)" will show you the practical way to more speed. However, the theoretical background is explained. Your advantage: Instead of remaining in the tackle hanging out in the downdrafts, you can optimize your boat speed and even get on the port tack a tactical advantage in the next turn by the right of way with wind from starboard. Your boat shows in the cockpit and on a tactical display the values ​​(KN): Wind speed, boat speed and Velocity Made Good (VMG).
The simulation "Velocity Made Good towards Course (VMC)" shows you the speed on the way to your destination, a buoy on your course, e.g. in windward or lee.

Simulation VMG
Simulation VMC

Chance and Risk - Gain and Loss - see it all at the simulation

Distance boat to boat
Wind shift 15°
Wind shift 345°

License agreement

Private use: The activation of the functions and use of the Coach's Toolbox requires a special license key, which is made available through the purchase of "Tactical Sailing" (Download) in combination with the program extension "Toolbox." Of course, the toolbox is also available for purchase (+ 20 EUR) to those already in possession of our "Tactical Sailing" program or who have bought a CD.

Public use requires an extension of our license agreement: We support current professional and volunteer coaches, as well as youth leaders and coaches, who are regularly active in a sailing club, class society, sailing school, etc. Therefore, if you are interested in the toolbox, email us with information about your activities as a coach. We might extend the license agreement (§1; §11) to be used as an Academic Edition. If you or the sailing club where you are active has a website, a special arrangement for the professional use of Tactical Sailing and a cooperation may be possible, e.g. links, photos, reports, events. Contact: Paul.Gerbecks@TacticalSailing.com

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