Order the Game Against the Wind here: control a sailboat yourself and reach the finish line with lots of fun, strategy, and tactic along the way. Interactive - only one click on a PC (Win, Linux or Mac OS X).



Simple Control with 1-click Operation

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Julian Autenrieth: "This game is cool!"

You can choose from a wide selection of boats. Operating the boat is easy: with one click you can tack, jibe, luff or bear away. The computer program simulates the course of a regatta from start to finish.

Which features offer the Boat Simulator?

You can choose between a Opti, Laser, Finn, 420er, 470er, Korsar, Kiel- and Centerboard-Zugvogel, H-Boat, 29er, 49er, J/70, Fareast 31R or TP 52, all of which are comfortably equipped:

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The boat’s speed (knots) is shown in the control panel on the display.


The boat’s direction (degrees) is shown in the control panel on the display. You can choose between analog and digital.

Wind Direction and Strength

The direction of the wind (degree) and strength (knots) are always updated in the control panel on the display.


The burgee displays the wind direction and strength on the boat in graphic form.

Overlapping lines

Lines are drawn at stern to indicate if two boats are overlapped.

Tack and Jibe Angles

Lines are shown directly at the boat to indicate angles for tacking and jibing.


Bearing shows a line towards the direction of the next course mark.

Lay Lines

Each buoy indicates lines on which course the buoy can be laid.


Each buoy displays a zone of distance around it. You can judge if your boat stays inside or outside of this zone.

Distance Control

The boat is equipped with sensors all around, optical display indicates any touching or collision with another boat, buoy, starting line, or the area on course side (OCS).

GPS Transmitter

A Global Positioning System (GPS) transmits the exact position of your boat to the race office. This is a message that is designed with an optical display indicating, that you have entered the race, passed the starting line, beared next mark, rounded a buoy on its proper side of the course, and reached the finish line.

Sail Simulator

An optimal sail profile is guaranteed - your mainsail, headsail, jibe, genoa, spinnaker, or gennaker always stands perfectly, ex. J/70 and 49s Gennaker set.

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Polar Diagram

A polar diagram controls the speed of Tactical Sailing boats. Data is based on practical experience of professional sailors based on a velocity prediction program (vpp data).

Boats optimal speed

Each type of Tactical Sailing Boat has its specific speed profile, e.g. 470er is different from a Skiff 49er, see diagrams.

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Polar Diagrams, z.B. 470er (Apple) und 49er (Butterfly)

Tacking and Jibing angles

Boats sail best upwind with an angle of e.g. +/- 45 degree, which means that a boat moves about 90 degrees during tacking. When jibing, the angle is e.g. +/- 20 degree, which results in about 40 degrees while jibing.