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Lennart: "I find this software interesting in many respects, especially the view from above. The polar of a 49er that I estimated on an up and down course from 5 to 25 knots wind shows the different speeds and directional degrees. The gennaker is set from the best "VMG."
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Maria & Ana (Las Palmas Bay) Photo: Sergio Cantero

Fried Elliott: The Popular Aerial Photos

Tactical Sailing displays photos from Fried Elliott, who took photos of the World Championship 2010 in the Bahamas from a helicopter. © FRIED ELLIOTT / friedbits.com

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49er Model

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Tacking, jibing, luffing, bearing. With Tactical Sailing’s 49s you can have lots of fun. You steer your boat, and Tactical Sailing optimally sets your mainsail and foresail as well as your gennaker against the wind according to a polar curve (butterfly).

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Polar Diagrams (butterflies) of 49er at 5 to 25 Knots Wind.