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Fareast 31 Race

A razor-sharp looking yacht

Fareast 31 Racer
120 qm Gennaker gesetzt

This razor-sharp looking yacht shows that Far East and Simonis-Voogd are on top of their game and underlines the ability of the partnership to be truly innovative? Completely built in carbon fibre, using vacuum infused vinyl-ester resin, this ultra-lightweight hull/deck structure carries an extremely large lead bulb on a carbon strut. The modular construction of the bulkheads, keel, and mast support have all been fabricated in female moulds and bonded in place with the highest precision. This construction method ensures a bulletproof yacht able to sustain long and hard racing. Built with great attention to detail as found in the beautifully crafted “bow-foils” and “asymmetric spi” chute system perfectly integrated with a clean deck layout. The striking (and unique) spoilers at the bow optimize the air flow into the genoa for maximum performance.
The Fareast 31R has been designed with only one goal in mind: to be the fastest 31ft one-design racing yacht in the world. For this, the yacht features an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre hull/deck structure carrying a 1.200 kg lead bulb, resulting in a ballast ratio of over 60% which will guarantee high all-round performance. The modern hull shape with its flat aft run allows for exhilarating downwind sailing. Boat speeds into the twenties are definitely achievable (that is if your nerves can handle it !).
“The FAREAST 31R brings grand prix racing to everyone, corinthian and professional sailors alike.” With the launch of the Fareast 31R, Simonis-Voogd and Far East are changing the definition of “Racing” in the yachting world. The highly recognizable hull and deck is full of innovations and built with precision to deliver an exact quality to bring you ultimate racing experience with adrenalin pumping boat speeds.
A new era will start with this “game changer”; racing will never be the same again. The team has put all its innovative powers into creating an ultimate racing machine and setting a new standard with a number of novel features on and below decks of the FAREAST 31R. The yard’s experience of being a supplier to Olympic and World Championship teams, combined with the expertise of Simonis-Voogd, has proven invaluable in the creation of this yacht.
“No more runners-up from now on, only line honours”

© YACHT /N. Campe / M. Amme

© FE 31 R designed by SIMONIS VOOGD
all data for modelling with kind support from Maarten Voogd

  FAREAST 31 Race model


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Julian Autenrieth: "With an 8x8 wind, I didn’t win straightaway–only after the third time. There I had the lead the entire last leg =)"

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Gennaker case
VPP Polardiagram

The modern hull shape with its flat aft run allows for exhilarating downwind sailing. Boat speeds into the twenties are definitely achievable - that is if your nerves can handle it!
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Article at YACHT.de, Issue 10/2014 Testreport FE 31 R;
Fotos: © YACHT / N. Campe / M. Amme