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GOLD - Ben Ainslie
SILVER - Jonas Høgh-Christensen; BRONZE - Jonathan Lobert

Jonas, Ben, Jonathan

Olympic dinghy class: The Finn was designed in 1949 to be the 'monotype' dinghy at the 1952 Olympic Games. It has remained an Olympic class ever since and is now the longest standing of any Olympic dinghy class. It currently fills the slot for the Heavyweight Dinghy. The Finn has remained at the forefront of International and Olympic dinghy sailing for the past six decades. Source: www.finnclass.org

Finn for fun

  Finn Model

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Julian Autenrieth: "With an 8x8 wind, I didn’t win straightaway–only after the third time. There I had the lead the entire last leg =)"

Tacking, jibing, luffing, bearing. You can have lots of fun with the Finn from Tactical Sailing. You steer your boat and, depending on the polar diagrams (apple form), the Sail Simulator from Tactical Sailing optimally sets your speed and mainsail against the wind, light wind or heavy weather, from 4 to 30 knots.

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Racing boats

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