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Strong Competition at H-Boat Races

The H-boat represents the largest non-Olympic keelboat Europe-wide. The popularity of this boat explains the strong competition at races. © Bilder: Gerriet K. Janssen YCSS.de, Christopher Nordhoff: www.flickr.com/photos/christopher_myc

© Janssen, Nordhoff

H-Boat Model

© sukato.de

Tacking, jibing, luffing, bearing. With Tactical Sailing’s H-Boats you can have lots of fun. You steer your boat, and Tactical Sailing optimally sets your mainsail and foresail as well as your spinnaker against the wind according to a polar curve (appleform).

© sukato.de

International H-Boat Association (IHA) in Europe

  • One-design Class, designed 1967
  • One-design racing in class-fleets in high competition
  • World Sailing-international status since 1977
  • Largest International keelboat class in Europe of World Sailing
  • Second large International keelboat class of World Sailing
  • 3-4 man crew, easy to row
  • Over 5000 boats built
  • 1700 boat owners organized as IHA-members
  • Actively racing in 8 countries
  • National associations in 8 countries
  • Safe in rough seas, strong winds and even gales
  • No danger of capsizing, self bailing cockpit
  • Attractive in light air (Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Foot-straps for safety and crew hiking
  • One foresail, symmetrical spinnaker
  • Deck-stepped mast, easy for hauling and derigging
  • Beam 2.18m, far below road-towing limits
  • Easy to trailer, weight 1450 kg, ballast ratio 50
  • Built by 3 World Sailing-licensed builders
  • Finished to high standard