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J / 70

"The J / 70 spreads fast ... world wide"

J / 70 going very fast

In less than 48 months the J / 70 worldwide fleet is over 1,100 boats strong, attracting some of the most talented sailors in the world and helping to spark growth of numerous sailing leagues across Europe, e.g. the International Sailing Champions League or German Champions League and more than 10 nations across Europe.

J / 70 Model

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© sukato.de

Tacking, jibing, luffing, bearing. With Tactical Sailing’s J / 70 you can have lots of fun. You steer your boat, and Tactical Sailing optimally sets your mainsail and foresail as well as your gennaker against the wind according to a polar curve of a Velocity Prediction Proprogram(VPP data).

Speed all directions
Downwind max. at 135°
Downwind max. at 225°
Wind shift of + 15°
Wind shift of + 20°
Wind shift of + 30°

J / 70 for Training in the Heinz Nixdorf Verein - Academy

Sailing Champions League is sailing  J / 70 - best boat for the best Clubs

German Champion 2015, 2016: DTYC

"The clubs are to play an active role in the Sailing Champions League," according to the German Sailing League (DSBL) GmbH. What has been working well for football for years, also works for sailing: A club competition generating a lot of media attention and something clubs, sailors and fans can identify with!

The idea behind the SAILING Champions League is simple: The cup of the national champions. The most successful clubs of the particular countries are competing against each other in several races during the year. At the end the winning club is nominated as the best European sailing club.

The founders:  Rod and his brother Bob Johnstone - the "J" brothers

J/70 Sail symbol

The story of J/Boats is a classic entrepreneurial tale: With a $20,000 investment, and a speedy 24-foot sailboat that Rod Johnstone built in his garage, Rod & his brother Bob Johnstone went into business. That was 1977. Now, that boat (the J/24), has become the most popular recreational offshore keelboat in the world. The Johnstone family has made an undeniable mark on the sailing world.
The next generation of Johnstones has been at the helm since 1988, while founders Rod and Bob continue to contribute their talents. Since 1992, Jeff (president) & Alan (vice president & designer) have managed company operations from J/Boats Headquarters in Newport, RI while a total of six of Bob & Rod's sons (Jeff, Alan, Stu, Drake, Phil and Peter) serve on the J/Boats Board of Directors.
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2012: Successful launch of the J / 70

Welcome to the "Spritboat Revolution"

This year 2012 may well go down in history as one of J's better years on record. The big news was the successful launch of the J/70. The first pair of J/70s launched in March with a record number of 100+ boats ordered before its maiden voyage, a feat un-equalled in J/Boats history. See: www.jboats.com/about-us.

J/Boats with retractable carbon bow sprits and large, asymmetrical spinnakers now dominate the world of sailing. Several thousand are sailing on the bays and harbors of the world. They have long sprits projecting from the bow to which are tacked huge, colorful spinnakers. Not since the switch from gaff-rigged to Marconi mainsails has the look of sailing changed so dramatically. People are referring to them as "sprit boats", "sport boats", or in dinghy-sized versions they’re called "skiffs" as in Australian 18 skiffs where the concept originated. Yet, "skiff" would hardly describe J Boats’ flagship 65 foot fast ocean cruiser, the J/65. J World Sailing Schools in San Diego, San Francisco and Annapolis have fleets of J/70s and 80s. They claim that people are having more fun in the learning process and are advancing their skills more rapidly. In a day or so they whistle past the old salts on the bay with half the effort. See: www.jboats.com/spritboat-revolution.

Latest news: J/70 International Class Association www.J70ica.org

European Championship J/70 at Kiel (Germany)

Surprisingly a large number of participant for a keelboat is the field of the J / 70 European Championship 2016, to which 91 boats from 15 nations, e.g. from Chile, Russia and Brazil. Most of the boats represent the German fleet, but obviously the mass has not yet changed into quality. After 11 races, winning boats were from Italy, Monaco and Spain. Carsten Kemmling (NRV), followed by Margnus Simon (MSC) and Pit Finis (DYC), were the best German helmsman.


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