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Philipp Buhl: European Champion and Int. German Champion

"Somehow it was unbelievable - not only for myself. My series of success started when I was 17. I competed for my first International German Youth Champion Award in 2005 in Laser Radial. This was followed by the Junior European Championship bronze medal (U19) in 2006, two gold medals at the Junior-European Championship (U19 and U21) in 2007, a win in Hyeres at the Traditional European Laser Cup in 2008, another Junior-European Champion award in 2009, and in 2010 I won the Intl. German Championship for the fourth time, as well as the European Champion award in 2012." © Philipp Buhl, www.philipp-buhl.de

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  Laser Model

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Philipp Buhl: "Tactics are my key to success. During a race it is certainly crucial to realize the changes and expected variations of the wind. Whoever is able to make the best out the actual situation uses his intuition for a proper and fast decision, has a good chance of becoming the winner of the race. There is hardly any other sport that requires more effort in coordination of mental, technique and athletic behavior, than this Olympic Class Laser." © www.Philipp-Buhl.de 


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Laser: The world’s most popular adult & youth racing class.

The Laser is a single-handed racing dinghy. The biggest attraction of the Laser dinghy is that it is protected by the One Design class rules, which means that no changes are allowed to the boat unless they are specifically permitted in the rules. So in theory, all Laser boats are the same whether they are brand-new or 10 years old, making it the sailor that wins the race, not the boat. The Laser is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques as well as tactical excellence. It is a singlehanded Olympic class boat, also sailed at club, national and international levels. With nearly 200,000 boats in 140 countries, it is clearly the world’s most popular adult and youth racing sailboat. Source: www.laserinternational.org © Bruce Kirby