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Julian Autenrieth - World Champion in Opti

Julian and his brother Philipp sailed very successfully in an Opti. Julian became the world champion in 2006 and Philipp took fourth place at the World Championship in 2005. © www.autenrieth-sailing.de

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Julian Autenrieth: "This game is cool! You can learn tactics fast and have fun as well. I´ve won the 8x8 wind pattern, too ;-)"

Tacking, jibing, luffing, and bearing - with a Tactical Sailing Opti, you will always have fun. You control your boat, and Tactical Sailing simulator optimally sets the mainsail to the wind.

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Opti - The Basis for Success

Julian Autenrieth: "The Opti is an absolute must for every sailor these days who wants to have success in the next boat class."
Alan Williams: "The Opti is a world-renowned youth boat with more than 150,000 registered boats in more than 110 countries."
Comment from Opti-Father Timon G.: "Your program is great - especially the graphics. The wind shifts can be explained really well to racing beginners. Keep on going - I could have made use of your program 30 years ago, when I was an Opti kid."

Sources: © WinnerOptimist.dk with kind support from Stig Bløcher