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Transpac TP 52

Jochen Schümann: "This Match Race on the computer has huge potential."

Jochen & Marvin

In an interview with Tactical Sailing, Jochen expressed his first impressions of the game. “I am actually not a computer game player, but this match race on the computer has a lot of potential, for larger Match Race yachts, too. The Optis were really fast when shooting head to wind, but in the wind, immediately stood still. With larger yachts with their high net weight, you need to pay more attention to inertia when shooting head to wind. Therefore, this game would be really realistic for training.” We went work, starting with the polar diagrams of a TP 52, and integrated the well-known TP 52 match race yachts in our program. Our number 1 is most definitely Jochen Schumann’s yacht, "All4ONE". See more about the project "All4ONE".

Premiere for TP 52 model at Kiel Week, fine tuning for best speed by Jochen Schumann.

Audi Sailing Team powered by "ALL4ONE"

TP 52 Model

Tacking, jibing, luffing, bearing. With Tactical Sailing’s TP 52 you can have lots of fun. You steer your boat, and Tactical Sailing optimally sets your mainsail and foresail as well as your gennaker against the wind according to a polar curve.

© TP52 designed by judel/vrolijk, with kind support from Tobias Kohl

© Audi Sailing Team powered by ALL4ONE