Order the Game Against the Wind here: control a sailboat yourself and reach the finish line with lots of fun, strategy, and tactic along the way. Interactive - only one click on a PC (Win, Linux or Mac OS X).


Dinghies and yacht

Olympic Course Trapeze: Start / 1-2-3 / 2-3 / 4 / finish line

420er on trapeze course
Opti at downwind mark

Viktor M.: "I learned a lot from tips, and I liked getting the inside position downwind at buoy 3 the most!"

Sail this course with the boat of your choice, 29er or 49er. Your opponents are – as always – the wind and time. Cross the finish line as quickly as possible. You can use a sparring partner to compare your tactical positions (if you are in front, behind, or at an equal length with the other boat). Important tactical positions in relation to the buoys are simulated. You can compare lay lines, zones (3 boat length), overlapping lines, and inside positions with those of your opponent.

Kiel Week:  Up - and Down with Gate

The Up-Down-Course layout at Kiel Week on the areas "Hotel, Kilo and Charly". Racing game examples: Start / 1 / 2 / 3 a,b(Gate) / 1 / 2 / 3 b / 4 / Finish line and different wind conditions of 1x1, 4x4 and 7x7.

Kieler Week Area "Hotel" Wind 1x1
Kieler Week Area "Kilo" Wind 4x4
Kieler Week Area "Charly" Wind 7x7